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  1. reed

    Microsquirt vii Regina crank signal

    I need some help setting the crank pulse wheel settings for the 40-2-2 flywheel used in the Regina fuel system.
  2. reed

    Aluminum coolant tank for 960, S/V90

    Is there someone who makes aluminum coolant tanks for the 960, S/V90?s or is this something I?m going to have to make myself? Problem is that it?s too close to my turbo. I?d like something that goes in the stock location. I?ve thought about deleting it and putting a cap in the upper radiator...
  3. reed

    B230f dynos with A and B cam

    So I saw a link a while back where someone had posted dyno runs with a b230f using the A cam and B cam with different cam timing. I can not for the life of me find it again. If someone has the link and is kind enough to share, I would appreciate it.
  4. reed

    T6 single turbo manifold

    what I have is a v90 with a t6 bottom end and 960 head. I'm looking for a single turbo exhaust manifold I also have a holset hx35 that I plan on using. I've tried the BMW m50 turbo manifold but the turbo hits the cylinder head. That manifold was designed for a bottom mount turbo. I think custom...
  5. reed

    7/900 n/a header

    Has anyone used the klracing na header. If so how well does it fit? Any pictures? I want to order it but would like some feedback from other people that may have tried it.
  6. reed

    740 Exhaust upgrade question

    This maybe a stupid question, but I have searched and found nothing. I was wondering if the front muffler and rear muffler off of a 96 960 would fit on a 740. If I took the muffler hangers off the 960 and put them on the 740. All I would need to worry about would be connecting it to the 740 near...
  7. reed

    16 Valve Intake

    Has anyone tried to put a 960 throttle body on a B234 intake? If so were the performance gains good, n/a or turbo. I had a 960 throttle body just sitting around. It bolts right up to the B234 intake. Had to open up the intake so the throttle blade would open, switch over the throttle link...