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  1. rwturbo

    sent pm

    sent pm
  2. rwturbo

    91 erra 740 and 940 strange findings

    Ok I have stumbled across something that seems to only be in the 91-92 erra of automatic turbo cars. I have stripped harnesses from these cars and retrofitted lots of older cars with the set up. I also have access to Mitchell's and all data. Was brought to my attention that when you shift these...
  3. rwturbo

    TLOA chipped 2.4 setting 413 egr code.

    I tried searching and did not find anything so please don't jump me if there is a topic on this. I recently chipped my 94 940 with TLOA chips. My non egr car came with a none chip ezk 148 box. I had to get an ecm from a egr car (gold box). I randomly get 413 egr signal missing. Has anyone found...
  4. rwturbo

    ID this camshaft.

    I have a cam that I am having a hard time figuring out. I have the link to the t bricks cam spec page already. If I'm doing my math correct I still can't find a match. The total love height is roughly 1.856 and the non lift size is roughly 1.424 with a difference of .435 do you add or subtract...
  5. rwturbo

    my newest edition 945 turbo with SE and ecodes

    here are a few pics of my newest edition to the volvo family. 1994 turbo SE kit rear wing IPD springs and sways, bilestien shocks and struts, 252k miles original paint.
  6. rwturbo

    se body kit on 940

    Hope I put this in the correct area, I tried searching with very little luck. I have a 94 940 wagon with the 91 SE kit on it. Rear matches up great but front does not match the inner wheel well line. didnt know if anyone ever confirmed the SE cars used a shorter bumper strut for mounting. Thanks
  7. rwturbo

    enem turbo cam noise ? ? ?

    I was searching on the net and came across some people saying the enem v15 turbo was known for having a noisey valve train. I have checked and rechecked clearences, however get some noise of idle and goes away. Any one confirm this cam being known for that
  8. rwturbo

    convertor below effeciency threshold DIY bypass

    Hello all. I wanted to share what I did 2 weeks ago to my v70 xc that had repeadidly three way convertor code. Well The angle gear went bad so I replaced it with new remain volvo part. Anyway while exhaust was out I noticed the rear O2 sensor is only 1/4 the way back of conv. There is actually 3...
  9. rwturbo

    volvo classic gone green (hydrogen content)

    volvo classic gone green (hydrogen content) 40+ MPG First of all I am posting here becouse it will not let me upload attachments in off topic. If needs to be moved feel free. Ok so I have this customer who works at NASA in Hamton VA. He owns a classic wagon that gets 41-43 MPG,He is some type...
  10. rwturbo

    2 vortec supercharged v8 volvo's in driveway

  11. rwturbo

    Introducing the Kandywagon of my brother

    You may recall this car being for sell in Norfolk VA about 6 months ago heres the linkhttp://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=75677&highlight=norfolk well several months later and alot of hours into it here is what you can acheive. This is my brothers 91 940 wagon featuring 850 front...
  12. rwturbo

    740 body kit score

    Thanks redbrick for the hook up. Hope to make copies this summer here are a few pics
  13. rwturbo

    our v8 powered 244 clean installation

    Here are a few pics of our 77 244 that has what was a 350 small block in it AT and ford 9 inch rear end. This cas has a sub frame installed from hell. We have not yet dyno tuned the car but did run a 8.3 1/8th mile with spin in 1st and second. We had another set of bigger slicks but assumed the...
  14. rwturbo

    finally took the v70xc off road (pic) drove out in the sand on the beach in NC.

    well I had to take the pic in the not so deep sand becouse if I had stopped in the portions where it was plowing the sand with the underbody it would have been all over with. Had a good time and car done extremely well for the AWD system and the fact there was not alot of ground clearence. The...
  15. rwturbo

    va meet

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I need to know if anyone is interested in a meet in northern suffolk Va at sleepy hole golf course if you wish to mapquest it.The date will be sept 30th on a Saturday. I need a number of people by the 20th please...
  16. rwturbo

    galaxies, ecodes, all new paint, 94 L block 960 handles and hatch

    Well I finally have some pics of my 87 740 turbo wagon that I have restored. It has a 70K mile 94 940 L lock b230ft, with fresh paint, refinished galaxies, new rubber, e-codes, 960 door handles and 960 rear hatch. As soon as I get someone to host pics they are coming. Thanks
  17. rwturbo

    17" masitaly wheels instead of ARE mesh?

    Well just tried um out on my 760, I was just wondering what you all thought. I kinda like them but I guess I am to use to seeing the ARE wheels for the past 8 years. Anyway here are 2 links hopefully someone will host them without link for me. Thanks ronnie...
  18. rwturbo

    customer needs odometer rest digital

    Hello I have a customer with a 2000 volvo and it of course has a digital dash, the owners original odometer was reading 78K before they shorted out the battery by jumping it backwards, anywya all is repaired but they wish to have the used odometer reset to match original mileage. If you all know...
  19. rwturbo

    pic of ultra clean 2000 v70xc w/17" masitaly's

    here is a link, added so far is 17" masitaly rims rear spoiler tint. Thanks http://www.we-todd-did-racing.com/wetoddimage.wtdr/wOTIxOTgxNnM0MTNkZmQzMXk1NDE%3D.jpg
  20. rwturbo

    do you prefer black or chrome trim

    Hello wondering I have a 87 760 turbo and I am wanting to paint all the chrome trim black to give it a more euro look, anyone agree? I just dont like all the chrome.