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  1. slowmoose

    No heat just in time for the winter

    Hi, Im going to try to make this as comprehensive as possible, I have a 1991 940 Turbo, A/C equipped but the belt has been off since bought and manual heating control. "red only" knob. Getting colder here and I realized my vents just spit out cold air now, worked fine a week or so ago. I...
  2. slowmoose

    Power Steering Issue

    Hi, 91 B230FT; 945. I go to school in the mountains and its become much colder out, for the most part the pump wasnt too noisey during winter but recently got a noisy. It was only really bad on colder days, today it wasnt as bad since it warmer. Figured I'd adjust the power steering pump since...
  3. slowmoose

    Downpipe to Transmission support nut size

    Hi, I have looked everywhere and can't seem to find the size of this, surely someone knows what I'm talking about. exhaust is putting a good amount of stress on the manifold edit: remove if need be, found size via FB; 16MM
  4. slowmoose

    Another college brick

    whats up tb, short intro: My name is Kaiyre, some of you have probably met me already or know me from the Facebook page. I promise i'm not as bad in person. ;-) Ill have some pics of my older car below. I'm currently a junior attending Penn State University, class of 2018. My first 940, I...
  5. slowmoose

    4 Way flasher switch problems 2s(?)/7s/9s

    1991 940T. went to hit the 4 ways today and the button doesnt do jack, it sits in a pretty strange spot in my opinion, and has always taken a few pushes to get it to work in the past but now it just doesnt do anything, left and right signals work fine so im guessing its such the switch itself...