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    Hi I would love to grab that before its scrapped, can you contact him, or give me his contact...

    Hi I would love to grab that before its scrapped, can you contact him, or give me his contact info, I'm only like 25 min away Thanks Matt
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    1983 245 GLT Resurrection

    I looked at that car, was a nice project, I think I was one of the dreamers because I have a couple of projects, but I thought Mike did a nice job with the paint, and the car will be amazing when finished, I wish you luck. I was just wondering if you also bought the orange parts car, as that...
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    New to me 1984 242, Trunk lock problem

    Hi I just picked up a 242 Turbo, the Ignition Key does not open the trunk lock, wondering if there is a trick, or do I need to drill it Thanks TB
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    1988 244, +T or install 1984 Turbo Motor

    Hi Just like the title says, what is better install a 1984 Turbo Motor I have, or Plus T the 1988 Stock engine, it an M47 car Beige 244 totally stock Thanks, TB
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    Restoring my 1983 242T

    Hi, I have a 1983 242T, Auto. The car was someone else's project and did not come with the short block, everything else seems to be here, is it ok to replace the block and use the turbo head? Thinking of using a 1993 block, and drilling the turbo return line port, and then install the turbo...
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    Charging issue on 1990 244

    Hi, I have 1990 244, auto, having a charging issue, have been through the following, started with replacing the battery as it tested bad, wildly fluctuating voltage. Did not fix the problem, then replaced the Alternator with a known good one tested in running parts car, also replace the ground...
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    Transmission Swap

    Trying to Swap a 1987 M47 (5 Speed) into my 1991 Automatic AW71, i am having the following issue I pulled the auto trans out and found out the flywheel will not bolt on, my car is a 91 with the crank position sensor on the bell housing. What do I have to do now? thanks
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    Turbo Dilema

    Hi, I have an opportunity to purchase a parts car for my 244 Swap, my two options are as follows:1994 Volvo 940T Owner states that it ran but he lost the keys, wants 300.00 for it, has new tires and nice wheels on it or 1990 740T roller, runs and drives has 186K but has a knock, (I am planning...
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    Windshield Seal Shrinkage

    Help, i just bought a 1992 Volvo 240 (244) Project and the front windshield seal seems to have pulled away from the left and right upper corners, can i just replace the seal or do i have to pull the windshield (i does not leak, just looks terrible
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    Wheel Question

    Hi, I just purchased some used MSW Mesh wheels for my 1992 Volvo 244, when i mounted them the rear tires looked like they sit in farther than the fronts, wondering about spacers for these on the rear only, i did a search and see lots of talk about 5mm Spacers, is it safe to run these on the rear...
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    Swedish Car Day at the Larz Anderson

    Sorry this is posted so late, but this was a great event last year for any of you new England people looking for something fun to do tomorrow, I think it goes from 9-3 and admission is minimal, and you can see some great Swedish cars, and the amazing Larz Car Collection.