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  1. Fa182

    My 940 is really noisy

    My 940 has just gotten louder and louder on the inside over the years. I've gotten used to it I guess because I usually listen to music quite loud. But every time I take someone with me, they always ask how I can stand that and I avoid taking someone with me at this point 😂 Anyway, it's not RPM...
  2. Fa182

    Making a custom shift knob out of Purple Heart wood

    great knob
  3. Fa182


    Just give VP a call if you doubt they accept the core, all I've heard is they are really helpful.
  4. Fa182

    945 springs on a 240 possible???

    Where are you from?
  5. Fa182

    Red Block Society body kit

    Who doesn't want to show everyone proudly they've been ripped off
  6. Fa182

    Red Block Society body kit

    You get a free shirt though
  7. Fa182

    Oil for 92' B230FT with piston slap

    Piston slap is usually not a problem, it's a feature. I also use 10w40 for as long as I had my Redblocks, we usually have temps between -10c to +35c here.
  8. Fa182

    Limits of the -'91 Cooling System on a 944T

    For what it's worth. As far as I'm aware my 1997 Turbo uses the same radiator and IC that was used in 91 (IC with top mounted hoses) It has no AC and a mechanical fan, which I believe is different to North America since the later 940's only came with AC and therefore had a different radiator...
  9. Fa182

    Intercooler on a B21ET performance data

    Isn't it enough to prove in any way that this car came stock with a Turbo engine + Intercooler for Einzelgenehmigung or Typisierung? Or do you need some actual performance data and if so, what exactly are they asking for?
  10. Fa182

    Stainless steel flexible oil drain hose- anyone used one?

    Nothing to add, just interested about this. The steel braided hose I have on mine as a drain hose was becoming brittle after like 4 years and started to leak abruptly at the turbo connection after I bumped it while working on the p/s pump. Was lucky it didn't start an engine fire, the whole...
  11. Fa182

    Chips today

    Bit of a bold statement. Not everyone has the capability, experience or endeavour to make their own chips and just want something that works. I admit I wasn't happy with TLAO's chips as they might have not met my setup very well (who knows what he programmed them for), but redblockpowered's...
  12. Fa182

    940 - what's leaking?

    No worries, you've been a big help as always. I found this information on a website about oil seals: "CFW is an abbreviation for Carl Freudenberg Weinheim" If you then look on Freudenberg Group website, it says that Corteco belongs to them and I don't see any other seal manufacturing company...
  13. Fa182

    940 - what's leaking?

    I'm sorry if that was confusing, that's the cam / aux shaft seal and that's exactly what mine are saying. I found out that CFW stands for Corteco and they have a factory in France, so that checks out. I meant the crank seal. This is the grey Elring I got:
  14. Fa182

    940 - what's leaking?

    So the grey seal I received is indeed made by Elring, it didn't come in a Volvo bag. The crank and aux shaft seals came in a Volvo bag that say "Made in France", the seals themselves say "CFW" on them, which after some googling around means they are from Corteco. Now I'm a bit curious...
  15. Fa182

    '89 740 AW71 Shifter not going past "N"

    You can find that service manual in the ozvolvo.org/archive
  16. Fa182

    940 - what's leaking?

    That's good to know, thanks. That's my thought too, Skandix is usually to be trusted when it says "OEM". I've ordered one anyway already on the past weekend.
  17. Fa182

    940 - what's leaking?

    I ordered the one that says "OEM quality", which I know can mean everything or nothing. Can you still get them from Volvo directly? I might just call the dealer then to get one for me.
  18. Fa182

    940 - what's leaking?

    Good question, I don't remember the brand. It might've said Made in France, but don't quote me on that. I was not using the orange one because I've read that these like to leak now - I think it was actually you that said this. It was this one that I used:
  19. Fa182

    940 - what's leaking?

    Thanks for the tip and yes, before I chnaged seals I have replaced all breather system parts, box, hoses, the small elbow and made sure all vacuum ports are unrestricted. It was my first time doing seals, maybe I didn't do it right, are there any specs how deep they need to be put in or...
  20. Fa182

    940 - what's leaking?

    So I changed the head gasket over the holidays and while I wasn't able to see anything out of the ordinary on the old gasket itself visually, it seems it was indeed the source of the leak. All seems dry now after driving for a week. What really impressed me with that mileage was that the hone...