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  1. chirish1234

    WC t5 into a Volvo 940

    Alright. I'm swapping in my built B230ft with the ford WCt5 I was planning on using on my 240 wagon into my 940 wagon. The only real issue im finiding about swapping it into a 740/940 chassis is the shifter location. Could anyone point me in the right direction? opinions? Or if someone who...
  2. chirish1234

    1996 960 strut assembly onto a 93 940

    Will the strut and spindle swap over to a 93 940 from a 96 960? I know the control arms are different but the balljpints and strut mounting are the same. Anyone done it?
  3. chirish1234

    B6304 to t5 trans?

    What's needed to do this? Can I use the adapter plate that kaplhenke sells and what bellhousing/flywheel would I need?
  4. chirish1234

    Volvo 960 Manual swap?

    Which T5 trans do I need to get the proper shfter location? Also looked into a W58 trans from an mk2 supra. Where to buy adapater plate? The slush box really kills the fun factor on the 960
  5. chirish1234

    Longer strut inserts.

    Does, anyone know of strut inserts longer then 740 ones with more travel?
  6. chirish1234

    Lifted 240 wagoon

    So. I lifted the daily wagon because I cant drive anything stock
  7. chirish1234

    .60mm over pistons rings. Who has them?

    Question stated above. I had a set of new pistons. Didn't use them for a while and somehow got wet. I need new rings for .60 over pistons for a b230ft and it seems nowhere has them. I'd much rather not spend the money on new pistons when I have new ones. Anyone? Thanks
  8. chirish1234

    idling problem.

    Okay here is the setup. 1989 volvo 240 wagon B230ft 1991 V15 enem turbo cam (.017 shimmed) 937 ecu with tlao chips 50 trim ebay turbo 42lb high res injectors 740 turbo fuel pump 3"amm 012 (moved to before turbo) Relocated battery Old hks bov Now the car will drive fine and pulls really well...
  9. chirish1234

    B21F head on B230FT?

    Okay. I had to sell the two heads for a 530 I had. I have a B21F head off a 1980 244DL and was wondering how well it would work? Also planning on running a b21F intake which would make it easier since I can put the EFI injectors in the head. Thanks, Nick
  10. chirish1234

    740 16 valve brakebooster in 240 volvo

    Currently shaving the engine bay on my 245 and am wondering if anyone has adapted the slim brake booster to a 240 from a 16 valve 7/9 series and if so how did you do it? I guess just drill 4 holes for the mounting and use a 740 master cylinder?
  11. chirish1234

    Wrapping a dashboard?

    I have a dashboard but its full of cracks. I was wondering if it would be possible to maybe sand down the cracks and then fill it with some sort of caulking and then wrap it with that fake carbon fiber wrap or something similar? Like this stuff...
  12. chirish1234

    B230FT performance Q's

    Current motor setup 1992 B230FT .060 over (new pistons+rings) Yoshifab H beam rods OBX turbo manifold(worked for external wastegate) modified for EFI B21F manifold Hx35 Holset turbo Looking for between 300-400 whp My question: What external wastegate should I go with? What size injectors...
  13. chirish1234

    1989 Turbo 245 Project

    Okay. I've been through many cars and I think this is the cleanest 245 I have purchased. Bought the car with a bad motor, still starts and runs, just has a bad knock. I originally was going to go with a 244 but when this car showed up for a grand I couldn't resist. Here are some pics of when I...
  14. chirish1234

    Ipd adjustable torque rods conversion to helm joints?

    Is it possible to swap out the poly bushing end for a helm joint style end? Just wondering. Would be cool if I could just salvage the ones I have and just buy the helm joint rod ends.
  15. chirish1234

    Crown victoria front suspension on a 14x

    has anyone ever done it before?
  16. chirish1234

    Tube chassis 144

    Does anyone have experience in tube chassis for the front end of the car? I would like to tube chassis the front to make room for the 302 turbo setup I plan on dropping in. Thanks in advance! Would just like some pointers, would also believe it'd be way easier on a 144 since the front is...
  17. chirish1234

    Where to buy a performance 8V cam?

    I've been looking for one because I'm getting sick of the stock cam, not wide enough of a powerband and dies after 5 grand. Any places sell them? RSI seems to be SUPER flakey lately.
  18. chirish1234

    Took the 245 to the track

    85* weather 195/60/15 Michelin energies :lol: Fully rebuilt B230FT running lh 2.4 with freds chip 16T turbo @ 13psi stock cam M46+craving boost short shifter G80 rear I think I would run mid to low 13's if it was nighttime and had the boost turned up to 18. And some wider stickier tires would...
  19. chirish1234

    My 1988 Volvo 245T

    Well, it's been about 2 years with this project. The car was originally a car that was given to us by one of our customers and well, I wanted it. It was relatively cleanish for a rust belt car. It was an NA 245 automatic. Whats been done so far. Motor -1993 B230FT fully rebuilt -16T turbo...
  20. chirish1234

    LH 2.4 Volvo 240 turbo swap problems

    Ok, Here is the setup Engine 1993 940 squirter block Honed, new rings, new bearings, new seals, new timing belt, decked head 530 head T cam 16T turbo @ 11psi orange top injectors 940 turbo main pump stock 240 intank Fred's chip 937 ECU stock DP Iridium plugs All new parts basically Now my...