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    240 Headlight Wiring Harness Wire Gauge

    I'm remaking a headlight wiring harness for my '82 245. What gauge wires do I need for them? The ground wire looks to be larger that the other wires. The part number is T1235448 PO2 and it is for a quad headlight set up. Thanks!
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    240 Hall Effect Sensor Resistance Specs? 1982 245 Chrysler Distributor

    I am working on a no spark issue and I thought I saw where you could test the hall effect sensor by taking a reading on the resistance. I cannot find it again and was wondering if someone could lend a hand and knew where that data is? This is for my 1982 245 B21F - CI with the Chrysler...
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    240 Need to get my 240 back on the road!

    Hello friends! A cop came to where my car was parked on the street. Luckily a neighbor was walking by and said that the owner of that car lives there. Long story short, some jabroni called the police and reported my car as abandoned! Anyways, I let the officer know it was not abandoned. So...
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    240 1982 245 - Where does this go?

    Hello all, Been working on my ride and discovered a loose wire. Does anyone have an idea of where this wire is supposed to be plugged into? I thought it went to the throttle switch but both the terminals there are occupied. The other end goes toward the intake manifold, although I don't know...
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    240 Firewall split woes; 1982 245 Manual

    Hello all, I am having trouble with my clutch cable and the firewall. As you can see in the pictures the firewall is cracked and needs some welding done. I am thinking that is why I've been having problems with my clutch adjustment not sticking. I just replaced the clutch cable less than two...
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    240 Requesting Physical Help

    Hello all, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this but it is a help thread soo... To make a long post short, I am looking for someone in my area to work on my 1982 245. I live in Philadelphia so I'd be willing to drive about 3 hours to get to you. I am having issues with the...
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    240 1982 245 Warmup Regulator Inquiry

    Hello All, I just got back from my mechanic and he said I could use a new warm-up regulator. I have a difficult time starting the car when it is hot outside. The thing is, this particular model is rare and he is having trouble finding one for a reasonable price. He said there are two vacuum...
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    240 82 245 Manual K-Jet No start

    Car sat for three days and when I went to start, I did not get one hint that any electric was going anywheres. I just tried to jump it but nothing again, not even a flicker of life. What should I check next?
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    240 1982 245 Fuel Pump Issue

    Hello All, last night, after a minor traffic stop, I heard a loud, high pitched buzzing coming from my fuel pump. The car sputtered and died when I tried to accelerate. Eventually the buzzing stopped and I made it home. Needless to say, I need a new fuel pump. Which one should I replace? Or...
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    240 Hood Relase Mechanisin

    My hood release cable has been pulled through for sometime now. I could still pop the hood with minimal difficulty. But now, the white, round handle has snapped off and I can no longer get the leverage to pop the hood. What is the mechanism to get it to pop? Or put another way, what would...
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    240 Weak spark - ignition coil?

    Hello all. I have a no start issue, fuel is good, spark is very weak. Would you replace the ignition coil? If so, can i just get one from pep boys? 1982 245 manual by the way
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    240 Dash lights lit up and car overheating on '82 245 Manual

    So. On my '82 245 manual, I notice a very slight burning smell as I am on my way to the beer store after work. When I leave the beer store, my lights on the dash light up! Lambda Sond, battery, eBrake, Brake Failure and the lamp light. I stop to see if the car stalled or died, but the car is...
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    240 Turn Signal Relay Acting Up

    This is a 1982 Manual 245. Basically the blinkers are intermittent when the headlights are turned on. When the headlights are off though they work ok. Recently, that functionality is starting to go as well. I recently replaced the turn signal relay with a used relay and it has started acting...
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    240 Clutch Cable - What did I do wrong?

    So, I've been having difficulty getting the car into gear. After tightening a non OEM clutch cable a few times over a year, I decide to swap it out for a OEM one. It was awesome for about 3 weeks and then I started having difficulty getting the car into gear! Mostly 2nd is the toughest. What...
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    240 ICU Pin Sleeve Installation - 1982 245

    Hello All, I was wondering if anyone has installed extra sleeves on the ICU pins and how they did it without the special tool indicated in the green book (P/N 999 5268)? I would go about it by taking it out and cleaning, greasing the pins then use two drift punches and carefully work them on...
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    240 1982 245 Turn Signal Issue

    Hello All, the turn signals recently went out. It was intermittent for a while but now it is not working. I got to the relay just under the front interior panel. The hazards work and i took the relay apart. The under side looks like the solder connections are good and it looks like one of...
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    Bleeding Front Passenger Brake 1982 245

    Slowly, but surely I will get this done! Through trial and error I am at a point where I am bleeding the pair on the front passenger tire. I am using a method with a tube in a plastic bottle and I can see the bottle from the driver's seat while pumping the brake. The top bleeding screw went...
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    Brake line screw trouble

    I just spent a better part of an hour trying to do number two. (see below) I cannot get these brake line screws to thread into the caliper. Anyone have any tips? <img src="http://i.imgur.com/VvzsCBV.png" title="source: imgur.com" />
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    240 How hard is it to replace sway bar bushings?

    My mechanic is charging $150 to replace the bushings. Is this something a hobby mechanic such as myself can handle? 1982 245 K-jet, manual trans
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    How much would you pay...?

    To have the exhaust system replaced on your manual, 1982 245? Keeping the manifold and from the y pipe on. I think it's the y pipe onward. Should I junk yard it?