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  1. 71 142E

    740 Drivers seat wobble

    I have a 88 740t wagon that has good seat upholstery , but the drivers seat wobbles a bit Ive checked the bolts that secure it to the floor boards, tight. Seems to do it in all positions so its not a faulty track. Is there any other bolts to tighten? At some point I plan on pulling the seat and...
  2. 71 142E

    Help!! with hoses and identifying a part

    Working on a 1988 Volvo 740 Turbo I have located a part that is a mystery to me and it looks like it is supposed to have hoses on it going somewhere. It is located right above the starter. I would really like to get all my hoses back where they belong so some guidance would be much appreciated...
  3. 71 142E

    inconsistant idle

    I have just picked up a 71 142e and have logged on a couple hundred miles. figuring out the quirks,and enjoying the trip. I have stumbled upon a problem with the idle, when the car is cold the idle does not stay at the same rpm but rises and falls. I have checked for vacuum leaks but all hoses...