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  1. redblockpowered

    super lost, what's going on with my headlights?

    I think it's haunted. Get your multimeter out and spend a day (or many) looking for continuity where there shouldn't be, or vice versa.
  2. redblockpowered

    How much hp can a b230ft handle

    Hold on. I'm interested.
  3. redblockpowered

    Head Work for Fuel Economy?

    47 psi in your low rolling resistance 185s!
  4. redblockpowered

    Some Buchka board infrequently asked questions

    Bosch 0 221 503 407 ignition coil pack is about $37 new from FCP. Miata ignitor I don't know.
  5. redblockpowered

    How much to shave head in Texas?

    Will you be running it with the M cam and shaved head?
  6. redblockpowered

    MAF upgrade

    You'll have to tune the ECU for the MAF and injectors that are installed. Like esmth said it will trick the engine into thinking there is less load than there is. I've got chips for LH that may or may not be a good fit for your car, there are other folks that sell canned tunes as well (KL...
  7. redblockpowered

    MAF upgrade

    What problem are you trying to solve by doing this? Changing sensors around and trying to "trick" the ECU is ill advised.
  8. redblockpowered

    B23 "while I'm in there" head shaving

    That makes sense. Sometimes you just need stuff to work.
  9. redblockpowered

    B23 "while I'm in there" head shaving

    V cam is the king of the stock jawns. Always and forever.
  10. redblockpowered

    Lifted 240 massive camber/toe change when reversing

    I'll add that in addition to toe issues it looks like you have a pretty extreme scrub radius (imagine the distance between the center of the front tire tread and the axis of the strut mount and ball joint) which increases the lever arm on the bushings and control arms.
  11. redblockpowered

    Best Head/Cam combo for off-boost performance without touching shortblock B21ft

    With the absolutely pathetic static compression on the B21FT you''d be stuck running the T cam if you want even adequate dynamic compression. You would stand to gain a lot by milling the head maybe 1mm.
  12. redblockpowered

    Lack of repair manuals

    Not sure what you're working on but charm.li has been very helpful for me.
  13. redblockpowered

    Head Work for Fuel Economy?

    T cam is a little smaller than an M cam.
  14. redblockpowered

    Head Work for Fuel Economy?

    The 531 with its slower, larger intake port will likely reduce fuel economy. Switching to a T cam and raising compression might help as well as chips but driving style will of course be the biggest factor.
  15. redblockpowered

    Body Kit Suggestions

    Unless you have the eBay score of a lifetime on parts from 1991 I think you are on your own.
  16. redblockpowered

    Volvo 740 overfueling

    Some ECUs have O2 sensor feedback disabled originally, usually in cars for leaded gas markets. Yours could have been swapped which may cause the differing results.
  17. redblockpowered

    Volvo 740 overfueling

    Was the other car not originally equipped with an oxygen sensor or cat?