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  1. Patdon10

    Car runs like poo when hot

    Hey guys, Been a while. '87 245. about 325,000 miles. Car runs like a champ when cold. As soon as the engine gets hot, it loses power. It got so bad today that at full throttle I couldn't get it over 5 mph. I really don't have a clue with this one. I checked FPR vacuum line, fuses...the basics...
  2. Patdon10

    Transmission was rebuilt, but feel shuddering

    Hey guys, '98 V70XC - AW 42 automatic transmission I decided to keep the car and had the transmission rebuilt from the local AAMCO and paid WAY too much for it. I had no reverse. All other gears feel fine. I'm thinking about bringing it back in and complaining, but I don't really know how to...
  3. Patdon10

    PHOTO REQUEST: Properly aligned head lights

    I'm looking for a photo. Can someone post one of the following: -View from the driver seat of a 240. -You have properly aligned headlights. -You are on level ground I just want to see what yours looks like compared to mine. I'm trying to figure out if mine are too high or not.
  4. Patdon10

    Let's play name that noise! With audio clip. Blower motor?

    For the first second the blower motor is not on. Then I turn it on. You hear a terrible noise, then I turn it off and it like....squeals then shuts off. Air still blows fine, it's just the noise. Turn your speakers low, this is loud. Does the blower need replacement? <object width="522"...
  5. Patdon10

    Holding down 240 Battery

    Hey guys, I've had bungie cords holding the thing down for probably the last 15+ years. The new inspector at the local shop didn't like it, and failed us in the state inspection. Can anyone tell me how it actually gets held down? I would really appreciate a picture. FCP has 2 options. Which one...
  6. Patdon10

    Passenger side Front Turn signal not working

    '87 Volvo 240. I've never seen a problem like this and it's left me pretty stumped. The turn signal doesn't work. It's not the bulb...obviously. The side marker doesn't work either. I pulled out the voltage meter and checked the blue wire that feeds the 12volts to the turn signal and that is...
  7. Patdon10

    Cleaning PCV lines

    For my brother's 2002 VW Passat. Not a Volvo. This car springs up oil leaks like nothing i've ever seen. So it's time to change the pcv. The replacement kit is outrageously expensive: http://www.ecstuning.com/Volkswagen-Passat_B5-FWD-V6_30v/Search/B5.5_Pcv_Kit/ES2090777/ $427 I ordered a...
  8. Patdon10

    Non-Volvo. Mercedes E300 running problem

    Admins, please move this thread to the proper location. I wasn't sure where to post it. I'm going to take a look at my girl friend's aunt's Mercedez. It's an 1987 E300. They apparently already took it to the dealer and they couldn't figure it out? The car, after sitting, starts fine. However...
  9. Patdon10

    Engine Wiring Diagram

    LH 2.2 240 Anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram for the engine harness? Pictures would be even better.
  10. Patdon10

    How's my heads surface?

    I cleaned it up pretty well. I have some "finer" stuff on there that I think needs to come off. My haynes manual says it should ONLYiasdfasdf be cleaned with a gasket scraper, but it's not taking the crap off. You should have seen the before pictures, with the black piston marks and crap...
  11. Patdon10

    How's my block look?

    Got the head off today. How's it look? Anything concerning?
  12. Patdon10

    Removing turbo from manifold. What ARE THESE?!

    I can't get it off. It's star bolts, but they're recessed. I tried to pry the little metal "tabs" away from them to get a star wrench around it. Cool, but the surface area is still too small to really get a turn on it. It's just stripping. How did you guys get it off? Damn 90- manifolds...
  13. Patdon10

    240 Engine is out of the car. Should I change HG?

    I have the engine on a stand. I'm going to strip it down. Change all seals, gaskets, clean it, paint it...the works. BUT, the one thing I had no planned on doing is taking off the head. Is it worth it to change the headgasket and spend the extra $100 or so for gasket + head bolts? Motor has...
  14. Patdon10

    S/V/C VolvoSpeed is letting me down. AC problems in my v70

    I don't know what's up with my ac. Is was working, I turned the car off, got out for about 15 minutes. When I got back in the blower motor isn't running. All the ac lights work, but no matter how far I slide the ac blower switch over, no air is coming out. Even if I put it on auto, it still...
  15. Patdon10

    240 Wiring the m-47

    I didn't get the m-46 because I didn't want to mess with the overdrive. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the m-47? I'm looking for every component. What gets wired? Reverse light? Neutral safety switch? That's the only 2, right?
  16. Patdon10

    240 noobish turbo wastegate question

    I bought a complete +t kit. Everything is good and ready to go on the car. The turbo is your run of the mill t3, but with a .60 exhaust housing for the 3'' downpipe. About the wastegate, I don't know what's going on.. I can't move it. No matter how hard I press on the arm the thing won't budge...
  17. Patdon10

    What year engine am I going to use?

    ok. So the time has come. I got the N/A '87 engine with the shot intermediate shaft out of the 244 today. Time to get a new one. Before I ask what I should do, let me tell you my goals. Everything is stepped: I don't want to throw a monster 300 hp engine in my car all at once. I first want to...
  18. Patdon10

    Pulling engine from 240, what's next?

    The list I have, am I missing anything? I'm pulling the transmission out with the engine --------------------------------- -All vacuum lines - done -Radiator hoses - done -Engine mounts - done (engine is currently suspended in the air by a unistrut) -All power steering lines - done -That one big...
  19. Patdon10

    Project Fail: one problem after another

    I am at my wits ends with this car. I am preparing to my first +t, but I wanted to do a stage 0 on the 240 I recently bought first. We bought the car non-running. From what it sounded, it sounded as easy as a new fuel pump relay. Nope...didn't do it. So we troubleshooted: We found it to be the...
  20. Patdon10

    dropping oil pan, refer me to the picture of...

    supporting the engine with a block of wood from the top. I've seen it somewhere, and I've searched and can't find it.