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  1. lummert

    Using 88 765 A/C Evaporator Core As Heater Core

    Using 88 765 A/C evaporator core as heater core. My 88 765's heater core started leaking fogging my windows. Since I had removed the A/C compressor years ago I figured why not use the Evaporator as a heater core. So I ran hose to the passenger side to connect to the Evaporator. First I had...
  2. lummert

    760 Failed O2 Sensor?

    Think my 88 765 TIC has a failed O2 sensor. My fuel mileage average went from 21 to 25 mpg. This suggested something being wrong such as a bad vacuum hose to the FPR which had happened years ago. I tried checking the baseline fuel mixture but could not get the LED to blink, it was steadily lit...
  3. lummert

    Alternator 94-95 940

    Is 100 amp alternator for 94-95 940 what I need for my 88 765 with B230FT? What's on there now is the 100 Amp Bosch from 1992 940 Turbo. Think this Bosch unit may have gone out. 7.29 volts output is not good. The 94-95 940 100 amp is $166.99 +82.50 core The 92 940 100 amp is $184.99 +$66 core...
  4. lummert

    760/960 Headlight Relay Failure

    I have had 3 of these relays fail on my 88 765. After avoiding driving after dark it is once again getting dark by 5PM. After some experimenting I have found that a standard 4 terminal relay allows the low beam headlights work with the ignition on and headlight switch on. The high beams are...
  5. lummert

    960 Front Brake Pads

    Is there any difference in the front brake pads for the 92-93 960 and the 94-97 980? They show up as 2 different part numbers I recently replaced the front Jumbo brake pads on my 88 765 with Jumbo brake rotors. I ordered brake pads for a 92 940. When I did the pad replacement it was apparent...
  6. lummert

    Dodged The Oil Pressure Bullet

    For the last week my oil pressure light on my 88 765 TI has been flickering at idle. Tonight I checked with a bright flashlight and found the connector broken off the sender wire with the wire end touching the oil filter adapter housing.
  7. lummert

    760 Symptoms caused by boost pressure being set too low

    Been noticing difficulty keeping my 88 765 Turbo Intercooler Wagon in overdrive under the speed of 58 mph. If there's no wind the car runs good unless there's a slight incline. Below 58 mph or a slight incline trans shifts out of overdrive. I had previously installed a 90+ manifold and...
  8. lummert

    Priming Fuel Pumps LH 2.2

    Can I momentarily ground the ground terminal from LH 2.2 ECM to fuel pump relay to prime the fuel pumps? Yes, I've figured out that the ignition switch may need to be on for this to work.
  9. lummert

    How to identify an AMM

    I have an 016 AMM from a 91 740 N/A w/LH 2.4 It has these markings on top: BOSCH 271 09 2 A 0 280 212 016 3517020 Made in Germany This is the confusing part: It has a sticker containing numbers, a barcode, and REMFG Wonder who may have...
  10. lummert

    Making Sense of LH2.2 Baseline Setting

    Running Bosch Gen III 0 280 155 811 34 lbs/hr injectors on B230FT. When setting baseline mixture using LED test tool and adjusting the AMM pot screw I'm finding that adjusting till the LED is evenly flashing, it takes several more turns than the suggested 2.5-3 turns clockwise to get a good...
  11. lummert

    B230FT timing belt guide washers

    While checking timing marks for the timing belt on my 88 765 with B230FT I noticed that the notch on the front belt guide washer doesn't align with the key way on the crank. Is this an indicator of the crank sprocket having slipped on the crank throwing off cam timing? Yes, I was replacing the...
  12. lummert

    Autolite XS62 Spark Plugs

    Question about Autolite XS 62 XtremeSport spark plugs. Shows they will fit Volvo Penta and are same heat range as NGK BPR7ES. They are Iridium-Platinum construction with projected tip. I have 12 of these that I picked up a few years ago at 50 cents each but figured they may be too cold a heat...
  13. lummert

    Jumbo Brake Caliper Upgrade

    Has anyone gotten any other Calipers to fit with Jumbo Brake Rotors on 700/900 cars? I was thinking of trying to fit later dual piston Ford Explorer/Ranger front calipers. These calipers use Lucas/Girling type mounting brackets, fit 26.16 inch thick, 286 mm diameter rotors, and have dial 45.97...
  14. lummert

    Cold weather's effect on old brake hoses

    Does cold weather make old brake hoses behave worse. I have never replaced the front brake hoses on my 88 765 in my 13 years of ownership. In cold weather the brake pedal seems hard and the front brakes seem to take too long to release, maybe the right side is worse than the left. When the...
  15. lummert

    Downside of Deleting The Oil Cooler

    Is there any downside of deleting the oil cooler on a B230FT in an 88 765? I'm kind of getting tired of oil leaks that seem to only appear when it's too cold outside to work on my car. The car isn't being used for high performance use.
  16. lummert

    Mastercraft MC-440 Tires

    Last month I purchased 2 of the tires used, and yesterday I purchased 2 more used. They are the same as Cooper Starfire RS-C 2.0, which was easier to find specifications for. They are manufactured In China by Kenda which is owned by Cooper. Here are specs: Size: 216/60-15 Tire diameter: 25.16...
  17. lummert

    Bosch 0 280 155 811 Injectors

    Stumbled upon a fuel rail including injectors from a scrapped Buick 3.8 Supercharged V6 engine at my friends junkyard. Specs show they are from 02-05 Buick Park Avenue Ultra with Supercharged 3.8 V6. 36.25 lb/hr @ 3 bar 381 cc/min @ 3 bar 274 grams/min @ 3 bar 42 lb/hr @ 4 bar High Impedance...
  18. lummert

    1988 760 front turn light bulb socket upgrade

    After having many issues with the complicated front parking lamp bulb sockets of the 88-90 760/ 92-94 960 I upgraded to 88-99 GM 3 wire bulb sockets. These use the push-in type bulbs instead of the bayonet type of bulb. A small amount of filing on the parking light housing socket and then filing...
  19. lummert

    760 Turbo swap back to TD05-12b

    Turbo swapped back to -89 exhaust manifold and TD05-12b. Got the turbo and exhaust manifold on and my 88 765 running again. Before I started the engine I drained 1-1/2 quarts of oil out of the intercooler. The insides of exhaust was coated with oil. So far everything seems to be okay. I figure...
  20. lummert

    Oil supply pipe

    Is the oil supply pipe interchangeable between TD05-12b and TD04H-13c? I'm needing to go back to the TD05-12b due to the TD04H-13C going bad. I prefer not needing to change the oil supply tube back to original from the TD05-12b as I'd like to have the capability to try another TD04 turbo in the...