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  1. CaliMeatWagon

    Car Audio- School Me

    I got new speakers, went to hook them up to the front wires, and I got nothing. My car didn't have front speakers. Anybody have any idea why it might be working? Speakers are brand new so I know they are not the problem.
  2. CaliMeatWagon

    Car Audio- School Me

    Did you mount the speakers directly to the door instead of to the door cards?
  3. CaliMeatWagon

    How do I switch to E85

    Necrobump because some of you had some interesting ideas. I like the idea of switching back and forth. In the last 13 years has anybody accomplished this?
  4. CaliMeatWagon

    Weird Brake Noise

    I replaced rotors, pads, and cleaned the sensors all the way around. Problem still persisted. Replacing the ABS computer module fixed the problem.
  5. CaliMeatWagon

    No more editing posts?

    I'm going to use this as the excuse to why I haven't updated my build thread in months...
  6. CaliMeatWagon

    Who's got gold/bronze rims?

    I want to know what the black Dracos look like.
  7. CaliMeatWagon

    NOx levels high, rest is fine

    Both turbo engines in the yard looked pretty clean, if you don't have a replacement.
  8. CaliMeatWagon

    Davis 2024 - April 27-28

    That sucks. Night golf is fun.
  9. CaliMeatWagon

    Davis 2024 - April 27-28

    Not sure about that park, but what some of the do around is lock the entrance gate, but leave the exit gate open.
  10. CaliMeatWagon

    Davis 2024 - April 27-28

    Sunday after Davis, Lagoon Valley. Bring your swim trunks.
  11. CaliMeatWagon

    Davis 2024 - April 27-28

    I'm attending the Saturday drive and tacos, I could give you a ride as well while I'm out there.
  12. CaliMeatWagon

    show your wheels!

    Yes... drinking was involved...
  13. CaliMeatWagon

    (suspension question) top strut mount bananas without markings

    I found you can adjust toe at home. All you'll need: Jack stands A rope as long as the vehicle at least A tape measure. Tie the rope to both jack stands and extend them high enough that they sit towards the middle of the car. Position them close to the rear and front tire on one side of the...
  14. CaliMeatWagon

    2024 Sunroof Fix

    I seen somebody's wagon on here with a glass sunroof. Do you know what that is out of and if it's possible to swap them into an older car?
  15. CaliMeatWagon

    2024 Sunroof Fix

    1991 745 It is the year 2024 and parts can be tough to find. My wagon has had the sunroof sealed with silicone since before I bought it (over 10+ years ago). What are my options to repair it? Who can I get seals from and/or are there models I can get an upgrade from?
  16. CaliMeatWagon


    At some point the headliner is going to sag and it will need to be replaced. Those of you who have tackled this, what did you replace it with? I'm thinking of taking mine down, cleaning off the fabric and foam, and either reapplying some new fabric, or maybe paint it. But I would love to see...
  17. CaliMeatWagon

    Automotive Diagnostics with a Cheap Handheld Oscilloscope

    I saw a couple multichannel ones that were sub $100. A write up on the uses and benefits of multiple channels would be good, especially with the quality of your writing.
  18. CaliMeatWagon

    Car Audio- School Me

    So some of these cars came with an amp from the factory, can anybody tell me anything about them?
  19. CaliMeatWagon

    Car Audio- School Me

    I like having those storage spaces so I was pondering how could I build a box without taking up much space. So I would at the very least have the boxes attached to the covers. As for the speakers, I have no clue. I wasn't even planning on getting subs for some time. My goal is still just door...
  20. CaliMeatWagon

    Car Audio- School Me

    Did you trim the 8's, or did they come with that? Ya'll got me thinking about subs now... I was messing around in Fusion and here is the idea I had for a custom box. This would stop short of the 3 inches below the window, right were the upper bar of the interior molding is: 1 10" 2 8"s...