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    1990 740 turbo exhaust manifold on 1989 turbo

    L12 "Ermeto" fitting that is.
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    I keep flushing and flushing but the crap won't go away.

    Honestly, Mika was a motor mouth compared to Kimi. Sometimes Mika used full sentences.
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    Ignition for a high-revving B20

    At least oil pump timing is steady!
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    Easiest solution for wasted spark on a 7/9 series b230?

    VW 2x2 coil. MSD sparkplugwires and coil HT connectors from Finjector. Or somewhere else. Good for 295 hp.
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    MAF upgrade

    When altering (increasing) AMM size, the load signal from ECU to ICU is off. So ICU is offering too much ignition timing 'cos it is thinking that air mass flow is low.
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    MAF upgrade

    KL racing has a 3" housing for 016.
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    Head Work for Fuel Economy?

    My '95 940 has AW71L. B230FK engine. What I'm missing here?
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    Head Work for Fuel Economy?

    There is a good presentation about Volvo eDrive and aerodynamics https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://www.mech.kth.se/courses/5C1211/Externals_2012/Ljundberg_2012_1.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjOleWOoryEAxVyDhAIHaleA7MQFnoECBoQAQ&usg=AOvVaw0Be38G_9KziTDMqDUG_XST
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    How much hp can a b230ft handle

    10 years ago 901 HP
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    Head Work for Fuel Economy?

    Small improvement for fuel economy is gained from exhaust porting. Not much though. Individual adjustment for every cylinder's AFR might give best results. But then you have to install 4 lambdas.
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    B230FB running rich

    LHs ability to correct AFR is quite wide, and it can cope high fuel pressure on steady state, like idle. When the load is transient the lambda correction is little late.
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    B230FB running rich

    Just measure fuel pressure first. FPR can leak and also be stuck. Rockauto FPR works fine. I've been through several FPRs in my LH cars, the youngest of them are over 25 years old... Also LH cars are very allergic to exhaust leaks.
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    DCOE B18/20 linkages

    I would get a universal DCOE wire linkage kit and accelerator pedal from 240. Moss has nice model where wires are routed by the most convenient route.
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    Pretty sure I’m just a idiot

    I'm not that big fan of Lh2.4 coolant temp sensor (black connector) just because it is grounded through sensor body in aftermarket ecu builds Im using Bosch 026 blue on my projects.
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    Intercooler on a B21ET performance data

    Bottom line says för tävlingsbruk. So that might be A-group IC? Edit: Like bobxyz said. Jiizus I'm blind
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    Intercooler on a B21ET performance data

    Actually there was no factory B21ET with intercooler. In Europe intercooler was sold as kit, and it was only for B19ET. (Italy and Finland). The kit is bolt-on B21ET but Volvo didn't gave out any data (power and emissions) for that. Last B21FT had intercooler but it also had lambda and...
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    cabin filter for 740

    Well 940 cabin filter is a real thing. Never seen such, but could be bought from dealer as an accessory.
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    TBI setup on a B18/B20

    One option is replace twin SU with a bike throttle body. Maybe with injector with split spray.
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    TBI setup on a B18/B20

    I just get that B20 EFI head with all fuel related things, Datsun 280 FPR and modify injectors for "hose style". Injectors mod video