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  1. DME

    Center console vents ' 93 240

    On of my center vents (left) no longer stays in place, or can be moved with some slight resistance. It just spins on its axis. Is there a fix for this, or should I just buy a vent unit from Ebay? Gracias
  2. DME

    Fixing Sound System in Volvo 240

    YMMV but I just had 5 1/4" Pioneer PC-TS-A1370F installed all the way around by a local shop. (I have a Pioneer head unit.) He was able to jam them into the factory speaker grilles because I wanted to the car to maintain its factory look to the extent possible. They also put in a P30010T 10"...
  3. DME

    245 antenna mount (late model 240)

    Nope - as DD Ranch indicated, wagons have a standard antenna socket hidden behind the panel, behind the vertically mounted spare tire. The replacement antenna plugs into that, not the head unit. Something easy for a change!
  4. DME

    245 antenna mount (late model 240)

    There are probably longer marine ones out there, and if I had spent more than 20 seconds thinking about this I would have looked.
  5. DME

    245 antenna mount (late model 240)

    I broke my mast in a car wash and figured it might happen again. It also hit pipes a ceilings in low parking garages. So I got this: BOSS Audio Systems MRANT10... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001IVCLRU?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Snaked it behind the cargo rear panel (driver side) and then...
  6. DME

    Temp range for digital temp gauge

    Thanks. So maybe 215 for the warning?
  7. DME

    Temp range for digital temp gauge

    I have no idea. It was a one-owner car before me and I got it last fall. Regardless, there should be an upper limit to what is "safe", no?
  8. DME

    Temp range for digital temp gauge

    Hi folks I have a cool digital temp/coolant level gauge coming from Australia, and I'll post install/impressions once in hand in installed. The initial question is: what temperature should I set for the alarm that comes with it? The sensor is block-mounted. From the manufacturer: The gauge...
  9. DME

    Mold on cardboard door card, can I save it?

    This, and maybe seal it with something flexible from a rattle can.
  10. DME

    Are aftermarket tie rods/ends available?

    As I go through Red Sonja I am going all in when appropriate on high-quality replacement parts. I don't see anything from BNE or Yoshifab. As an aside because I don't know where else to post this, I had Vredestein Quatrac SLs in 206/14/R14 put on yesterday, same day as my BNE strut bar...
  11. DME

    Gauge Innovations temp gauges

    I'm been doing some planning on swapping some gauges around between my 240s and I want to put some good ones in my DD '93 wagon. While browsing around I found this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/312775269747 Now I'm not a technical guy really but this looks awesome. The listing has a full...
  12. DME

    Wagon tailgate adjustment

    Original AFAIK and this is relatively new. Are the latch and striker adjustable? I can't think of anything else that would address this.
  13. DME

    Wagon tailgate adjustment

    I've searched and found stuff about adjusting various things, but not this thing. The tailgate does not seem to close evenly although the latch is secured (a month ago or so I had trouble with it not latching, or half latching, and I greased it.) The gap is more pronounced on the right...
  14. DME

    93 power/heated side mirror removal

    Thanks - so I have to remove the kick panel to disconnect it? Also - I like booty.
  15. DME

    93 power/heated side mirror removal

    Another stupid question I can't find the answer to. I removed my driver side mirror the other day to hit it with a couple coats of SEM, but I could not undo the harness/unplug it. Is it buried in the door, and can I just tug on it? Any tips? Thanks Dave '93 240 wagon
  16. DME

    Bolt specs '93 240 (2) top rad support brackets and (1) airbox support bracket

    I cannot find the specs for these three bolts, which I think are identical. Anybody got 'em? Either apart number or ID so I can order? Thank you
  17. DME

    Post pics of your Volvo.

    Six hours in the car yesterday to pick the new shoes up downstate. Got to meet a cool 240 owner too.
  18. DME

    I need Virgo lug nuts ASAP

    Thanks - I see a set that could work but they come in two lengths: 1.38" and 1.9". I don't want them poking out, but I cannot determine how long the OE ones are. Thoughts? edit: rolled the dice on the 1.9 as the photos I see of OEM lug nuts appear long-ish.
  19. DME

    I need Virgo lug nuts ASAP

    Going on a road trip to pick up a set with tires, I have steelies now. Can some Samaritan link me to something I can get fast on Amazon?