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    240 and 740 rear suspension interchangeable?

    Hey guys, I have a 90 740T, I want to grab some rear suburban struts to throw in my car but everywhere I read it says that these can be used in the 200s but everytime someone asked about the 700 series it never got answered, so my question is can I use the s10 or suburban rear strut insert on my...
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    Help me ID this Borg warner T5 please..

    Ok so I have the chance to score a borg warner T5 trans cheap and is in fairly good shape for super cheap, I took pics of the id numbers but could not match any to a list to see what this transmission can handle HP wise... Its a borg warner and has several id numbers in different spots all...
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    Fabbed 3'' AMM

    I seem to remember someone on TB fabbing there stock AMM on lh2.4 to 3'' so they wouldnt experience fuel cut or have to hunt for a 012AMM, does anyone remember this thread and if it worked??
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    IPD bushing kit.

    Looking at getting the IPD rear bushing kit for my 740ti sedan, I am going to be taking my car to the drag track alot this summer. Is this a good application or are there other better kits out there??
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    80-85 Ford 5.0 injector questions.

    Hey guys I just picked up some of the Bosch injectors off and 85 5.0 Cougar and they look good, got em cheap at the yard ($20). So my question is this, are these plug and play, I read the fuel system upgrade thread about injectors and after searching alot was unable to find any browntops and...
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    Installed boost gauge, now entire cluster inoperable

    Ok guys today I installed my boost gauge in the factory gauge spot and after removing cluster the whole thing is not working, lights and all. So I know of a yard that has an instrument cluster for my car but will that fix it or is there something else I may have damaged upon the install. I...
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    Radiator, stock? IPD? any other options?

    Hey guys, I just recently purchased a 90 740turbo and have began the slow process of repairing the years of lack of maintenance. I have recently replaced the waterpump and thermostat and sparkplugs. I just recently noticed the radiators passenger side starting to leak at the seams. So I am...
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    Hi everyone, I am new

    Hey guys, Just bought a 90 740 turbo 4spd od sedan and am starting my build. It starts monday with maintenance in mind and any other curve balls and then who knows what I will decide to do with it. A little backround on me, I live in Colorado, I am a BMW tech and want a car to work on and...