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  1. deezgilliams

    242 GT register

    I am now the new owner of #25. Jack/Darksider415: 1980: Chassis/VIN# VC24245a1168028 - Oroville, Ca, USA. 😃
  2. deezgilliams

    1984 245 turbo hard to start when cold

    Just recently acquired my first turbo 240, also my first kjet car, and i'm having an issue when I first go to start it in the morning it takes 4-5 attempts of key on/cranking before it finally coughs its way to running. After some quick searches it seems that it could be a control pressure...
  3. deezgilliams

    1985 240 m46 issue

    Just recently bought a 1985 245 w/ a m46 trans. The overdrive has not functioned since I have owned it and I finally have some free time to try and diagnose the issue. For starters I can click the button on the shifter and hear the relay/solenoid clicking (also the "5" light on the dash lights...
  4. deezgilliams

    240 1987 240 Wagon no start

    So i just got an 87 240 wagon and it had been running awesome until a couple of days ago. I tried firing it and it just freely spins over but will not run. I have checked to make sure it has spark by pulling a spark plug and it had a nice spark to it. Next i tested the fuel pumps by jumping the...