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  1. nibroc

    1981 244 GL High MPG - daughter's first car

    thanks for the pics
  2. nibroc

    advantage of heron head? (2008 bump)

    interesting thread
  3. nibroc

    1984 242 TIC Texas

    excellent pics also
  4. nibroc

    Diagnosing heater leak.

    welcome-----hope it's just the hose
  5. nibroc

    MAF upgrade

    that's probably what's wrong with my bertones
  6. nibroc

    DET17's "Project cheap thrills wagon" - '90 745

    very nice car and exceptunal workmanship
  7. nibroc

    8v vs 16v TURBO MANIFOLD? + questions

    problems ya do not have
  8. nibroc

    Larger Tire sizes for my 1980 265 GLE?

  9. nibroc

    Post pics of your Volvo.

    good pics
  10. nibroc

    Preventative coating for Battery acid etchings

    AGREE---------------plastic box and sealed bttery
  11. nibroc

    745 into Pickup

    great pics
  12. nibroc

    Possible Fuel System Issues (Weird Noises)

    very helpful info^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. nibroc

    1994 945 Turbo Ultimate DD Build

    yeah---nicely done!!!!!!!!!!