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    Heads up on Mann filter

    Looks like I was a hero for a change. Seahorse
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    740 Bit off more wrt cruise install

    92 740. Had the car for about 5 years and decided now is the time to install cruise. So I purchased the kit and proceeded with the install. At my advanced age, rummaging around the driver's foot well is not easy but I've been trying my best. The control unit is mounted to a bracket that is...
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    Heads up on Mann filter

    Out of necessity I went to Advance Auto to purchase my mann filter and received a black W920/17 for my 240. Suspicious as I never saw a black one Garbage. Check valve stinks. Stick to W917 from regular vendors like fcp. Now I get to do an oil change do-over! Marty
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    Backup Camera Install Help

    Hello All. 92 740 wagon. I am contemplating installing a backup camera. I have already installed a wired backup camera in my wife's 93 940 sedan and it was fairly straightforward. Installation in the wagon seems to be a completely different animal because fishing wires through that tailgate...
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    92 745 & 93 944 - trip from Nc to Fl - parts

    My new to me 92 740 wagon is in need of some bits and pieces. Likewise for the Missus' 92 940. I have an impending trip from Raleigh Nc to Stuart Fl next week and wonder if anyone might recommend some pick n pulls where I might find some of the bits I need. I have set aside almost three days so...