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  1. klr142

    2024-01-06 2024 Party! virtual meet. 6pm East coast US.

    Thanks for hosting!
  2. klr142

    Team Battle Wagon 245 Champ Car

    Damn that running out of fuel thing... We've had that happen a few too many times. :pow: We got a Spec clutch setup for the General Leif last year. So far we've only done one or two weekends on it, but I hope it holds up. It feels very nice so far, anyway. :x:
  3. klr142

    The General Leif, 142 endurance racer

    Ps. We’ve built a new motor and continue to eat camshafts every race. We might finally have a potential solution, but thicker oil and an oil cooler were not it. Maybe knocking the edge off the tops of the shims with Emery cloth is the trick? It’ll be expensive to find out. We may go with a...
  4. klr142

    The General Leif, 142 endurance racer

    1. Yes, open loop all the time. 2. I’ll have to get on the tuning laptop some day to take a screenshot of the map. It’s not dialed in by any stretch as we never did any real tuning of that map, but it was at least not losing power when we took timing out of it at WOT so we ran with it. 3...
  5. klr142

    redblockpowered converts from 240 to 940

    Erland has been awesome with advice on the General Leif project. He does use AGAP grind stuff in some of his own motors (and son’s), but did also mention that he doesn’t like their surface finish either. They’re not super polished. I just looked at the Kyrk stuff again, it’s been a while since...
  6. klr142

    Lucky Dog Races at Thunderhill 11/19-21/21

    Heyo! Marc(itb-volvo), Tony(reeferman), another non-Volvo guy and I are racing the General Leif 142 at Thunderhill and it's free to come watch and hang out! There's a practice day on Friday that we'll be doing, then there's a cumulative 7hr race both Saturday and Sunday. We're happy to have you...
  7. klr142

    General Leif, full 1hr sprint race at the Ridge!

    Want to ride along during my only race stint of the Ridge Motorsports Park weekend in the General Leif? Come take a look! I still want to make a condensed, highlight version of this with writing in the footage, but I?m not getting around to it and figure it?s worth sharing anyway. I made some...
  8. klr142

    Radiator's trans cooler for race car's engine oil?

    On the General Leif Erland Cox is recommending we run an oil cooler, such as the 940 turbo oil/water cooler setup. We don't have a lot of room but it might be possible, the only issue is we already run an Accusump and have the oil filter relocated on the car. We just put a new 240/740 radiator...
  9. klr142

    NA performance? Look here.

    Interested in NON-TURBO, normally aspirated power increases? Here's a lot of info to digest if you'd like! First I put up some basic power levels to be expected with various amounts of preparation work, then I have links to threads with more information if you want to look and read yourself. I...
  10. klr142

    Tuning throttle tip-in enrichment, LH2.4

    Hello there! I figured I'd make a separate thread than post in the long thread because this way you can actually find a thread just for what you're researching... In the General Leif we're running 850T injectors with a 960 MAF, 933 ECU and injector constants of Injector Constant 1 at 104 and...
  11. klr142

    Lucky Dog Racing League at PIR 7/6-7/19

    Hello all! Marc and I will be racing the General Leif at Portland International Raceway this coming 4th of July weekend and you should all come out to say hello or hang out for a while(or all day, or volunteer, whatever you want)! It's free to watch and walk around among the race cars and people...
  12. klr142

    Dialing in LH2.4 on the General Leif and dyno tuning basics?

    Next Tuesday, Marc and I are going to try and dial in the General Leif on the dyno(Dynojet). I have been on the dyno before but never played with tuning on it. I have been "street" tuning after driving the car on the track(without a passenger seat, so drive, pull over, change and drive again)...
  13. klr142

    Adjustable shocks for racing 140s

    What are people using? We need something that'll deal with 550lb+ front springs and 150-200lb+ rear springs and that will hold up to hours of abuse at a time. Adjustable would be nice to help dial things in at the various tracks.
  14. klr142

    Autocross in Salem, OR this weekend!

    On Sunday Willamette Motor Club is hosting one of their autox sessions at the Mckay school in Salem. I've run with them quite a few times before a few years ago and had a blast each time. It's time we get some boxes together and go slide around a parking lot, legally! It might even be wet, for...
  15. klr142

    IPD to Beach Cruise November 4th 2012!

    Chris Delano from IPD contacted me about getting a group together to go for a little fun run out to the coast this fall. Let's do it! It gives us an excuse to take a day off from doing things we don't want to do and go hang out with some Volvo buddies instead! Maybe even cause some of us to...
  16. klr142

    PIR Late Night Drags, June 22nd! (w/NATHAN!)

    Hello all! Nathan will be dynoing his 941G earlier in the afternoon and head out to the drags in the evening. Let's get another crew of Volvos out there to lay down some rubber and make a name for our Swedish boxes! Track opens at 5, racing goes from 6-10pm. $27 to race and $9 to watch, if I...
  17. klr142

    OVT PIR Late night drags on Saturday night???

  18. klr142

    012 3" AMM vs 025 3" AMM on LH2.4 cars

    A couple of people have mentioned some funky business with the 025 MAF in place of the 012 MAF, what are peoples experiences with them? In what way does it run differently/poorly? This is on a car with 50lb/hr injectors to match the diameter increase of the MAF properly. Thanks in advance.