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  1. MKUltra

    Automotive Diagnostics with a Cheap Handheld Oscilloscope

    I've purchased this setup and will be messing around with it! Thank you!
  2. MKUltra

    MountainMeet 2024, September 17-22

    His boss will. Or else.
  3. MKUltra

    how rare are these aftermarket taillights?

    I can’t remember seeing a set for sale in a while…
  4. MKUltra

    MountainMeet 2024, September 17-22

    Only 6 months away? Goodness me.
  5. MKUltra

    Kyle Meet. April 26-28, 2024 (It's a meet at my house, I'm Kyle)

    Tentatively in but also, kennys is the weekend before on or after. May not be able to do dual trips
  6. MKUltra

    MountainMeet 2024, September 17-22

    Im driving in from Atl also so there is space available!
  7. MKUltra

    Red Block Society body kit

    The onion has many layers.
  8. MKUltra

    Red Block Society body kit

    People conduct business much differently in person. Im glad your in person experience was good.
  9. MKUltra

    Red Block Society body kit

    Be VERY careful about this person.
  10. MKUltra

    Weber DGV Series Carburetors

    This. The B230 32/36 Weber conversion that is sold is NOT a "bolt in and party" type affair. Retapped the vac port because who knows wtf thread it was before. Nothing seemed to fit the thing and and I could not confirm one thing or the other online. So I went with 3/8 NPT as it's pretty easy...
  11. MKUltra

    Weber DGV Series Carburetors

    I hope so! This AI has a lot of good information!
  12. MKUltra

    Weber DGV Series Carburetors

    Can confirm, jetting is spotty on new carbs and takes a little work to get it perfect for your situation and location. Can easily convert the Weber to blow through if you wanted to maintain the turbo fun. Just remember it'll need a re-jet for boost.
  13. MKUltra

    Torrance, California. A few rusty Volvos that need to go ASAP.

    Super cool. Thanks for sharing
  14. MKUltra

    The Unofficial IPD 2024 Thread - 5/18/2024 [ESTIMATED] Portland, OR

    5/18 you say? I could use a vacation.
  15. MKUltra

    the four eyed pig volvo 242

    Bummer to see it go. Projects will have ups and downs but fortunately your 242 is a very simple and reliable setup. Muffler blew up? (Been there done that) That's just old car things, you might be running a bit rich and it built up and Bobs your uncle (or aunt, it's 2024 afterall) You...
  16. MKUltra

    squishy steering wheel

    Hey there and welcome to the board. Some 240s had a squishy wheel. Does it feel like the foam is separating away from the wheel structure?
  17. MKUltra

    Trophy points.

    I would like it if we can convert the trophy points into NFT's...
  18. MKUltra

    New Member From MN

  19. MKUltra

    New member

    Welcome to the party Sledge! Glad to see you here.