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  1. JohnMc

    need help and know what my turbo is called

    You might need to provide a little more information for anyone to make a guess....
  2. JohnMc

    Amazon Wagon #2, Electric Bluegaloo

    It's so much simpler to pull an old OHV engine.
  3. JohnMc

    Head-gasket Advice

    I clicked through my rambling build thread, and I did have one failure after using the ARP studs. I think after that I redid the HG one more time and started gathering LS swap parts and the 16V was still working when pulled. I was running 22-ish PSI on it, probably around 350 whp. And in...
  4. JohnMc

    Head-gasket Advice

    One of the reasons I finally pulled my turbo 16V out and put the LS in, the Cometic gaskets would fail every 5 - 10K miles, and it's a real PITA to swap one on a 16V. I checked the head and block with a machinist flat edge, but were very flat. The gaskets showed failures in the same spots each...
  5. JohnMc

    Excessive crank case pressure after rebuild

    Intake or exhaust leaking wouldn't be putting pressure in the block/head.
  6. JohnMc

    Excessive crankcase pressure after rebuild

    There are open areas between the head (valve cover) and block - where the valvetrain oil drains back into the bottom. There really shouldn't be much of a pressure difference between the block and head.
  7. JohnMc

    Anyone put a ford 300, Chevy 250 or 292 I6 in a 240?

    I actually have seen replica (and slightly scaled down) Mustang P51's with LS engines. https://titanaircraft.com/t51D.php
  8. JohnMc

    post a pic of your engine bay

    And an older pic of the 245: And what it looks like now:
  9. JohnMc

    post a pic of your engine bay

    One small recent change, a Malpassi regulator/fuel filter in place of the separate filter and regulator before:
  10. JohnMc

    90 240 wagon eating alternators

    Good point, it won't work with an LED. It might not be the same failure I had on the printed circuit board, but the way the 12V reads when the exciter wire is unplugged, and then goes away when plugged in is a pretty good sign that the alternator itself isn't the problem, it's just not getting...
  11. JohnMc

    90 240 wagon eating alternators

    Do those simple checks before pulling the instrument cluster out. I guess another symptom to look for is that the alt light doesn't come on when you switch the key on (engine not started).
  12. JohnMc

    Anyone put a ford 300, Chevy 250 or 292 I6 in a 240?

    I've seen an LS in a Spitfire.
  13. JohnMc

    90 240 wagon eating alternators

    This was happening on my '93 240 when it had a fault in the alt warning light circuit on the instrument cluster. Normally, switched 12V+ flows to one side of the alt warning bulb, and the other side grounds (depending on what the alternator is doing) at the exciter wire on the alternator. In...
  14. JohnMc

    Ac recharging difficulties

    Had that issue on my wife's 4Runner a long time ago. At rest, equal pressure on both sides, turn it on, and the high side would go up up up, and the low side would go down, down, down, until the low pressure switch tripped and shut the compressor off., Then the pressure would sit like that...
  15. JohnMc

    Sudden shutoff with ms3

    I guess have a multimeter handy to quickly check the switched 12V power at the ECU next time it shuts off? I have absolutely no idea if this is your problem, but the MS3 (not sure about MS2, and I don't think so on the MS1) has thermal protection on the circuit board. If the ECU senses it is...
  16. JohnMc

    Volvo B20b Head Question

    Sort of, but not quite. It's more oil on the rings than would be there during normal running conditions, and it acts like a bandaid on worn rings. If the compression goes up noticeably with the oil added, it's a very good indication that the rings are shot, and you should be thinking about a...