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    240 H4 E-Code Variation

    Are all the Volvo H4 E-Codes the same size? I've seen a few sets that look larger than the earlier H4 E-Codes (81-85). I am just curious about the interchangeability between the two.
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    Rear shock recommendations

    Not sure if I am posting in the right place but the time has come to replace my rear shocks. I am running Billy HDs all around but I am not sure if I should replace it with another set of HDs or, Koni, KYB, Sachs?
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    240 E-code protective film

    Last weekend I had a truck fling a rock and slightly crack my headlight. This is the second time that this has happened (the last time I had to replace the entire headlight). What protective film would be good to protect the glass?
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    General Maintenance in San Antonio?

    Any shops or local mechanics in San Antonio? I normally do all my maintenance but lately I have been pressed for time. Looking to find a shop or someone that works on 240s to get some things done: Carrier bushing, control arm bushings, v belts, and some other random things done. Not sure if I am...
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    240 NA vs Turbo Tailpipe

    My 84' 245T is being restored and wanted to know if the tailpipes (S pipe) are the same for NA and turbo models? Looks like the turbo Starla ones are backed ordered with no ETA. The NA pipe looks the same but didn't know if the ID/OD are different.
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    240 Clutch replace...but now doesn?t go into any gears.

    Today I replaced my clutch/pressure plate (84 240 turbo) with a Sachs replacement. After wrapping everything up I went to test the clutch but it doesn’t go into any gear. I tried adjusting the clutch cable but it doesn’t seem to help.
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    240 Rear bumper bracket part numbers

    I am trying to replace my rear bumper brackets but only find ones for 86+ online. Are these pretty much the same for all the years? This is what it looks like...
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    b21ft to LH2.2

    Whats up ya'll? Trying to find the complete DIY to convert my b21ft to EFI. I will be using Dave Bartons harness and have already plugged the injectors and swapped intake manifolds. Underneath the dash the wires are completely exposed and don't really know where everything goes ( I'll try and...
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    84 240 Turbo Clutch Kit

    I?m ordering my clutch kit this week and wanted to know if I can use a Sach kit for a 700 series turbo and just use the Pilot/Throwout bearing off of a 240? I remember reading a thread years back about other options like an Rx7 or Saab kits.
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    How to adjust cargo cover 245

    Anyone know how to put tension back on the cargo cover? I crank the cover the way it?s supposed to be and it does retract as it should.
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    OEM 240 Oil Temp sensor

    I ordered a new oil temp sensor for my 240 and was wondering where it hooks up to? The PO put a normal drain plug when his sensor stopped working.
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    Help! Trailing Arm Bushings

    I needed to replace my trailing arm bushings since the original ones were shot. I purchased a tool made by Gregerivn and popped the original trailing arm bushing out (with some effort). After lubing the new case to install the poly bushing the case gets stuck and looks like the tool interferes...
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    DFW Mechanic

    Anyone in the DFW area work on 240s? Looking to get my clutch upgraded and perhaps my TABS done on my wagon. HB
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    Poly Bushings: TABS and CABS

    Looking to get my Poly bushing kit installed in my wagon (84 245). Anyone on here do the whole kit that IPD offers? Anyone here in the DFW area that would do them or a shop?
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    Will an m47 clutch disc work on an m46 (b21ft)?

    I have a brand new clutch kit I bought when I had my NA 240. It had the m47 in it and I am wondering if I could use the disc in my 240 turbo wagon? I know some of the early 240s had a 8.5" diameter disc and some of the turbos models had a 9". Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Anyone making good power with a b21ft (Kjet)?

    Just wondering if anyone on here has gotten any decent numbers utilizing the kjet system. I am sure it's been back in the day but I can't find any recent info; I know most people either go LH, MS, or some other EMS.
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    *Video* Replaced AMM but the car still bogs down and dies

    I just replaced the AMM with the correct part #0280212001 for my 82 245. The car now idles fine but under load it shuts off and dies. Could this be from a bad fuel or system relay? Has anyone experienced these symptoms...
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    LH1.0 to LH2.2/2.4

    Does anyone know which LH system would be easier to upgrade from the LH1.0 on the B21 models?
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    82 EFI (LH1.0?) Bogging

    Hello, Does anyone know the part# for the early 82-only EFI MAF? I think the previous owner(s) installed a MAF from a newer 240 :wtf: and it causes it to bog down and die. My first instinct is to have the MAF replaced and clean out my ICV. I think the car hasn't been on the road in a while. Is...
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    18x7.5 Front 18x9.5 rears Question!

    Thinking about going wide on the 240; 8JX18 ET:13 front, 91/2JX18 ET:25 rear. Any thoughts or problems that anyone can think of with this size? Going to be running adapters as well. :-P