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  1. oldschoolvolvo

    Wheel spacer recommendations?

    Good clarification. OP, do you have at least 25 mm of clearance between the sidewall and the edge of the inner fender? I have a lowered suspension but also an adjustable pan hard rod to center the axle. I only get occasional tire rub (195/60-15) if people are in the backseat and I go over a big...
  2. oldschoolvolvo

    Wheel spacer recommendations?

    https://www.ipdusa.com/products/11525/25mm-Wheel-Spacer-Pair-240-740-760-780-940-960-for-Volvo-IPD-125006 These have worked ok for me for rear spacers.
  3. oldschoolvolvo

    1983 245 GLT Resurrect-ed

    Looking good! I like the wheels. What are the specs on the wheels/tires?
  4. oldschoolvolvo

    (Not*) Mediocre 242

    Nice work with the hanger assembly. That level sensor is slick, so compact.
  5. oldschoolvolvo

    Looking at an early 960: run away?

    ^^ Nice wheels! 😉
  6. oldschoolvolvo

    Mid Atlantic Volvo Club

    Darn, won’t be able to make it this year.
  7. oldschoolvolvo

    M46 4th gear switch

    Right but the push button switch is a momentary switch and the slide switch is on/off. Check out ozvolvo.org/archive for the wiring diagrams to double check.
  8. oldschoolvolvo

    M46 4th gear switch

    Are you referring to the switch on the gear shift knob? The early slide switch and later push button switches use slightly different wiring/relays. I believe you can convert the early version to the later version if you update the wiring as well.
  9. oldschoolvolvo

    "Barn Find" 1980 242. Now with Turbo LS

    Nice fan shroud. I’m thinking of doing something similar. Probably overthinking it but when driving does a shroud like that limit cooling because of blocked airflow outside of the fan area? I’ve seen some shrouds with little flaps on them to help with this I assume? Maybe it doesn’t matter…what...
  10. oldschoolvolvo

    Normal temperature reading after bypassing faker

    I’d get an IR thermometer so you can read actual temperatures at the thermostat housing. https://a.co/d/078mvf2f I’d also check if the fins of the radiator/condensor are clogged with bugs / debris. It’s easy enough to remove engine fan and shroud and spray it out with a hose (towards front of...
  11. oldschoolvolvo

    940 seat upgrade ideas ??not 850 seats

    Corbeau GTS II look similar to the Recaros, but still kind pricey. https://corbeau.com/gts-ii/
  12. oldschoolvolvo

    The midtown 960

    Rock Auto will save you some $.
  13. oldschoolvolvo

    Boosting my 96’ 960

    @244tiCanuck what turbo is your brother using on his T6?
  14. oldschoolvolvo

    Boosting my 96’ 960

    Love the manifold. Good thinking.
  15. oldschoolvolvo

    Anyone put a ford 300, Chevy 250 or 292 I6 in a 240?

    Somebody around here has done that. I’ve seen videos on IG or YT…if I can find them I’ll put them here. Edit:
  16. oldschoolvolvo

    Fixing a Factory 240 Voltmeter

    I’m sure someone around here has a OE voltmeter they’d sell.
  17. oldschoolvolvo

    1979 242DL - Analog Motoring (now B6304)

    I guess from a dead stop the engagement can be a bit abrupt, but it hasn't been anything that really bothered me...also seems to be smoothing out as the clutch breaks in.
  18. oldschoolvolvo

    1979 242DL - Analog Motoring (now B6304)

    (sounds best with headphones)
  19. oldschoolvolvo

    Driveshaft alignment thingy? HELP!

    Looks like #21 pilots into the trans and #17 bushing / driveshaft to keep things centered.
  20. oldschoolvolvo

    240 driveshaft front section differences

    Are the M46 front shafts always 1-3/4” diameter? Or are some 2” diameter? In other words does a M46 front shaft with 1310 u-joints exist?