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  1. AnthonyHardy2

    Desert Meet 2024 8/3 - 8/4

    If I can install the new engine fan before the meet I might, it doesn't look like I'm gonna have AC in my 244 before then
  2. AnthonyHardy2

    Desert Meet 2024 8/3 - 8/4

    Don't make me limp my 242 out there
  3. AnthonyHardy2

    Modern ABS for a tracked 240 (Teves MK60 swap)

    What have people been doing about the parking brake after adding the rear tone rings?
  4. AnthonyHardy2

    Bi-monthly meet in norcal?

    Sounds like you need a BW55 in there
  5. AnthonyHardy2

    Bi-monthly meet in norcal?

    I'm definitely dropping a whiteblock in there when your back is turned. You're gonna have horsepower whether you like it or not
  6. AnthonyHardy2

    RADWood SF 7/20

    Thanks for the ticket! I think @Pietercc might also be going so there should be at least 3 Volvo people there
  7. AnthonyHardy2

    Pin connectors on 240 instrument cluster boards

    Yeah those are about 4mm too long but they could still work with a spacer mounted to the circuit board. It looks like @whitfijs used these on his digital dash project but they look like they're the same diameter as the ones I tried so they might have the same issue. The smaller connectors I...
  8. AnthonyHardy2

    Pin connectors on 240 instrument cluster boards

    These from digikey are the closest thing I've been able to find so far but they're slightly smaller than the stock pins so they fit a bit loose. The stock ones are about 2.10mm
  9. AnthonyHardy2

    Bi-monthly meet in norcal?

    It was my friend Nathan's car. I bought it back in 2019 and went through it pretty thoroughly to make it a nice reliable daily then traded it to him and he did some work to make it a bit faster. Then some joyriding POS decided to total it while it was parked
  10. AnthonyHardy2

    Rare Volvo parts that you have!

    Not often but I might have to make a trip up there and bring you some wheels
  11. AnthonyHardy2

    Rare Volvo parts that you have!

    I have a mostly intact pair you can borrow. Metal ones that actually fit firmly would be a nice improvement
  12. AnthonyHardy2

    were there OEM Sunroofs on Volvo 244's?

    It sounds like you're trying to install a sunroof on a car that didn't come with one and while it can be done it's probably way more work than it's worth to do it properly. The only way to do it correctly imo is to use the whole roof panel from the donor car by following the greenbook procedure...
  13. AnthonyHardy2

    Wire ID

    That looks like an overdrive wiring connector for the switch in the shifter
  14. AnthonyHardy2

    3.73 Rear diff for 2.5l 242 with aw71l

    1975 240s are the only ones with 4.10 axles from the factory so your car probably has a 3.73 or 3.91 if you're lucky. NA 940s with the AW71L did have 4.10 axles so ideally you'd wanna match that so you get better acceleration and still have decent highway rpms with the lockup. You could also...
  15. AnthonyHardy2

    Looking for decent new battery cable terminals

    I'm helping someone with a 1997 960 and it looks like it needs a new battery cable since there's a 0.6V drop between the battery and alternator just idling with nothing on. I'd like to make a new cable to replace it but I can't find anywhere to buy decent OE style crimp on terminals. In a...
  16. AnthonyHardy2

    84 240 dash wiring - migrate/replace to 91-93 harness?

    Most of the differences with the 1993 harness are in the engine bay so if you're running a custom engine harness and deleting most of the engine bay wiring it probably doesn't matter much. It also might be better to have the 1993 style engine harness connector since it puts all your engine...
  17. AnthonyHardy2

    Whiteblock Swap Engine Selection

    I'd think pretty much all of them should be able to handle 250hp at the crank pretty reliably if you start out with a good engine. The biggest limitation with adding extra power is the weak connecting rods and the strength of the block so you want a 81mm bore engine if you can find one. It's...
  18. AnthonyHardy2

    Bi-monthly meet in norcal?

    I think you're supposed to crush the whiteblock car and put the engine in your 240
  19. AnthonyHardy2

    Desert Meet 2024 8/3 - 8/4

    I'll be there too, sounds like I'll have to fix my 242 to beat Pieter down the drag strip
  20. AnthonyHardy2

    Installed: Gauge Innovations digital temp & coolant level gauge

    Installing a 960 coolant tank with the coolant level sensor is pretty easy. You just need to drill out the 2 spot welds on the coolant bottle bracket on a 940 or 960 and then bolt or weld it in place on your 240. I wired the sensor to the bulb failure light in my cluster and used the low coolant...