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  1. rearwheelpeel

    scuffed commando bumper cover

    I'd make a post in the wanted section and just get another one.
  2. rearwheelpeel

    '85 and down front seats: what to do

    Yeah thats the stuff. They didn't have that many options when I ordered mine. They said they can do back seats as well.
  3. rearwheelpeel

    '85 and down front seats: what to do

    I re-did the seats in my 76 242 with lower cushions from wagon meister, and new upholstery from vp. They turned out great.
  4. rearwheelpeel

    IPD suspension and bbs style rims.

    I'm picking up some 8.5 wide wheels soon... how much work we talking? Cutting lips?
  5. rearwheelpeel

    IPD Side Trim Kit.. Any Good? Windshield Q.

    What year car do you have? I have a nos rear quarter peice for an early 242. Its the the thin stainless style. I got my trim peices from Redwood chair. RIP
  6. rearwheelpeel

    IPD Side Trim Kit.. Any Good? Windshield Q.

    The ipd trim sticks pretty well. I had it on the rear quarters of my 242 for a while before I found the correct trim. I never had it come loose at all. It was very difficult to get it straight though, you'll want a level and alot of patience.
  7. rearwheelpeel

    Rare Volvo parts that you have!

    A cool patch I found on ebay. It was available in the 1979 R-sport catalog
  8. rearwheelpeel

    Matcha: The Green 245

    My 242 had green carpet when I got it, I didn't realize it must have been brown at one point. Threw that right in the garbage. The wagon looks great, I love the color.
  9. rearwheelpeel

    Do 86+ door cards fit the early cars?

    Ive got later door cards in my 76 242, and later style armrests. The door cards have holes in them for the later armrests and door pockets, the doors themselves do not have the same mounting holes for the lower pockets. I also had to drill one hole in the door to mount the arm rest as they are...
  10. rearwheelpeel

    1976 242 A/C delete help

    I do have that bracket, is there a reason I should use that and not the one I got from sts? I'm thinking I'll use the 91+ pump. Is there anything else I'll need besides the pump, pulley, reservoir, and high pressure line?
  11. rearwheelpeel

    1976 242 A/C delete help

    I'm trying to get rid of the a/c compressor and keep power steering on my 1976 242. It has a big old square power steering pump on top of the ac compressor. I have the b21 ac delete bracket from sts, but im unsure of what else I'll need. I thought I was going to go with a Saginaw pump but I've...
  12. rearwheelpeel

    Taking apart elephant ear mirrors

    I got it - remove the screw that holds the mirror to the arm, then pull the arm straight off the back of the mirror. There is a square plastic bushing between the mirror and the arm. I had one crumble apart. The mirrors have sort of fused to where they attach so I had to pull hard.
  13. rearwheelpeel

    Taking apart elephant ear mirrors

    I got the screw out, mirror just spins and pivots.
  14. rearwheelpeel

    Taking apart elephant ear mirrors

    I'm trying to take the mirror part off of the arm. I remove the screw and then just pull the mirror off? It feels like it's going to break. Is there any specific direction it needs to be in to come off?
  15. rearwheelpeel

    Spoiler on early 240 trunk lid

    ^^ that's exactly what I want.....
  16. rearwheelpeel

    Spoiler on early 240 trunk lid

    Anybody have a trunk spoiler on an early 240? What style works and looks good?
  17. rearwheelpeel

    S/V/C 2007 S40 Brake light issue

    I?ve got a 2007 s40 that is due for inspection this month. I cannot get my passenger side brake light to work. New bulbs, all good fuses, contacts all cleaned and checked. This all started when I took the carpet and seats out and used air to blow all the crap out. I didn?t disconnect any wires...
  18. rearwheelpeel

    12v constant + 12v switched for radio

    I?m putting a new head unit in my 76 242. The green book for 1976 wiring diagrams doesn?t show anything for the radio as far as I can see. I want to replace the rats nest of spliced wiring with new wiring directly from the fuse panel. I need a 12v constant and a 12v switched power source. Should...
  19. rearwheelpeel

    Euro meet 2022 - Trumansburg NY - June 25

    https://euromeet2022.cnyvcoa.org/ Euro meet 2022 is on June 25th at the fairgrounds in Trumansburg NY, close to Ithaca. I?ll be there with my 242 as long as it isn?t pouring rain. Anyone else going?
  20. rearwheelpeel

    K-jet throttle micro switch adjustment/wiring

    I have a 1976 242 with the original k-jet system. It has a “micro switch” mounted on the intake that is activated by a set screw attached to the throttle. This switch has two electrical tabs on top but only one wire connected to one of the tabs. I can’t tell where this wire is coming from or...