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    My ?97 940 Turbo M90 IRS aka Fart Express

    Rear springs changed to Eibach 11" 300lb/in, now the ride height and stiffness is perfect with the rest of suspension. And then I upgraded front brakes to P1 320mm.
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    Push to pass boost control

    Exactly what I have
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    Fuel/Spark tuning for LH 2.4/EZK with TunerPro!

    Has anyone tried these chips for map switching? https://www.mirobuilds.com/product-page/dual-map-chip-pour-ecu-honda-obd1
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    7xx/9xx 320mm P1 brake conversion

    After some bedding I can say the braking power is very good (y) Also tested 16" Hydra and Auriga wheels, both fit, but tight (same as my Perfos). If there would be interest, I can make more of these adapters.
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    Can i change boost my stock b230fk safely?

    FT with turbo+ kit run up to 0.9bar, but probably you will need to replace the wastegate actuator, because the one from FK is usually weak from its age.
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    7xx/9xx 320mm P1 brake conversion

    All three holes are on same circle from the knuckle center, just the P1 calipers have smaller hole pitch, so everything is even and centered :-) Pretty much same as on p80, just a bit different adapters (+bolts) and longer brake lines...
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    7xx/9xx 320mm P1 brake conversion

    I used stock P1 Brembo rotors, just the center hole must be turned to 65.1mm (same as on P80) and also longer brake lines were needed.
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    7xx/9xx 320mm P1 brake conversion

    So I made adapters for the P1 320mm brakes, I think it´s pretty good:-)
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    1988 744 multi link swap

    Yes I swap mk1 multilink to my 944, so pretty much same as 744. https://www.turbobricks.com/index.php?threads/my-97-940-turbo-m90-irs-aka-fart-express.361045/
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    7xx/9xx 320mm P1 brake conversion

    I was wondering if anyone tried 320mm front brakes from V50 T5 AWD? On p80 it?s a nice upgrade and you can fit some 16" wheels over them. Now I have 302mm brakes from p80, which is ease fit with some spacing, so it should be possible? http://www.dvs.net.au/320conv.html
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    My ?97 940 Turbo M90 IRS aka Fart Express

    So this is my 940 :) I bought it in 2014 with 385t km (now 501t km) from Netherlands. Started as a casual 940 with b230fk + m90. https://petercz.rajce.idnes.cz/940/ Engine: stock unopened b230fk Vialle LPi 3" downpipe + 2,5" Simons catback 16t + Kinugawa wg actuator and dual stage boost...
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    TCV max boost

    What is max boost I can achieve with stock TCV (Pierburg) from T5? I?m using it as on/off valve for my two stage boost control, but it can?t flow/bleed enough air for more then just about 0,2bar more, then with just first MBC. If I remove the TCV, I can run much higher boost. for example: tcv...
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    MAF rebuild

    Any experience with rebuild MAF from Autozone? https://www.autozone.com/engine-management/mass-air-flow-sensor/duralast-remanufactured-mass-air-flow-sensor-74-10248/178848_170813_0 Or other options where to get rebuild/new MAF (3" 012) for reasonable price?
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    Garrett t3 rebuild

    Please which rebuild kit I need for my stock T3 Garrett (from d24tic)? Any recommendation? http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=garrett+t3+repair+kit&_from=R40&_vxp=mtr&_osacat=33742&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xgarrett+t3+rebuild+kit&_nkw=garrett+t3+rebuild+kit&_sacat=33742
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    LPG ignition timing

    Question especially for Dutch guys, have anyone experience with timing advance processors for adjusting ignition timing curve for lpg ? I found this http://www.iwemalpg.com/TAP.htm or...
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    940 940 b230fk ignition problem

    Yesterday I tried to install Buchkaspark ignition, but it ran only on two cylinders, so I tried reconnect cables in various combinations and found probably bad output 1-4 from board, can it be bad board or?
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    760 ZF4HP22 output shaft seal

    I need to change the output shaft seal on my trans (leaking a little)... but I notice that there is a little play from side to side in the shaft. Will the new seal fix that or is there another bushing or bearing that holds the shaft from moving side to side?