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  1. Cwazywazy

    Laser Cutting CAD files

    Pressure plate spacer for flat flywheels. Cut to desired thickness. Could've gone tighter on the dowels so it doesn't flop around as much when installing, but oh well. It's like using washers but fancier.
  2. Cwazywazy

    Swap to Maxxecu standalone, leaking headgasket, oil leak through compressor bypass cover...

    Didn't read all that but, do you have a catch can? Mine would blow a lot of oil into the turbo inlet on trackdays before I added a vented cap. Breather box on it's own just wasn't enough.
  3. Cwazywazy

    MountainMeet 2023, September 12-17

    I'd love to show up especially since it's not terribly far from my grandparents, idk if I want to commit to the whole week though. I'll try and make the next TB zoom meet if that's still a thing that happens.
  4. Cwazywazy

    JimboMeet 2023

    Don't worry about it. You won't see me.
  5. Cwazywazy

    JimboMeet 2023

    Will I be allowed to establish phrogger residency in your walls?
  6. Cwazywazy

    Verdict on crank and cam seals nowadays?

    Or 4th gear and wheel chocks.
  7. Cwazywazy

    Brake Pads

    I put HP plus in mine after destroying a set of OE pads, they definitely make some noise but I have no complaints. After about 1.5 years and a few trackdays they're close to metal on metal. HPS would probably be a nice choice for street only use from what I've heard. I like the feel/bite/price...
  8. Cwazywazy

    Deka 80s and TunerStudio

    I think you shouldn't have to retune any of it, but it should at least fire up right? Unless something is way off. My ms2 is set to .877ms deadtime and .107ms/v for my deka 80s. 2 squirts alternating and my required fuel says 4.60ms. (b230)
  9. Cwazywazy

    (formerly) The $700 1988 245

    Yum. I used the star holes and set the camber using a notecard as a feeler gage between the spring/perch and the strut tower, resulting in -.55 degrees drivers side camber and -.25 passenger. Still not where I want, but at least the numbers are negative now. Now, there's nothing this car...
  10. Cwazywazy

    How many TB members have you met?

    I can barely remember people I've met 5 times.
  11. Cwazywazy

    BNE Dyn. torque rod bushing thread #5,469

    I'd go poly (and did) just to not have to mess with it again for at least awhile. A solid rubber bushing would also probably work nicely if you could find the appropriate size. I made my own hybrids with poly on the body side and sphericals on the axle.
  12. Cwazywazy

    Mystery Regina Project

    Have you checked ignition timing? I think it's fixed on Regina like 2.4, but it can't hurt to see what it's doing.
  13. Cwazywazy

    What's your minimalist toolkit kept in the car?

    I want one of the wera mini kits just so I can clip it to my belt and wear it around all day.
  14. Cwazywazy

    What's your minimalist toolkit kept in the car?

    The only tool I really need is the AAA plus member card in my wallet. I use it frequently.
  15. Cwazywazy

    What's your minimalist toolkit kept in the car?

    I have a broken leatherman-knockoff multi tool, some screwdrivers and stuff, and zipties. Any more than that is just too much weight. And it was enough to fix my snapped throttle cable on the side of the highway last year. I don't keep any tools in the Saab because it's not a Volvo.
  16. Cwazywazy

    Liqui Moly MOS2 20w50 would you use this oil in a turbo

    Please do, I haven't heard this regarding the wide split. I like 5w40. It works. I change it when I feel like it.
  17. Cwazywazy

    1985 Volvo 244 auto.

    Is it possible someone put a turbo ECU in it? That would be weird but I dunno.
  18. Cwazywazy

    1985 Volvo 244 auto.

    Unfortunately no.
  19. Cwazywazy

    1985 Volvo 244 auto.

    Sounds normal to me. Throw another maf at it if you got one.
  20. Cwazywazy

    1985 Volvo 244 auto.

    If you could check fuel pressure that would give you an answer pretty quick. Make sure you put a 2.5bar fpr in it if it's 2.2