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  1. Dvroofer

    Trying to take the pan out of my 1990 Volvo 240

    I drilled my pan with a shop vac running right next to drill bit covered in Vaseline in slow spurts wiping and reapplying vas. No issues
  2. Dvroofer

    1992 240 power steering leak at rack and high pressure hose

    You could always adapt it to an line if you can’t find oe
  3. Dvroofer

    Strange Running Problem

    I’d also look real close at your spark plug wires and boots. Had a small crack in one that drove me crazy trying to figure out until I caught it. Had slight spark blowout on acceleration intermittently.
  4. Dvroofer

    240 electric power steering

    Like I said originally. I have the Volvo pump. Thanks though. I do appreciate the info though
  5. Dvroofer

    240 electric power steering

    I’m wiring in power ground and the grey blue wire to a switched power source. I don’t think there’s room in my passenger fender without hacking sheet metal out to be able to fill and I don’t want to extend any lines.
  6. Dvroofer

    240 electric power steering

    Plus if it were to leak it would go directly onto my alternator and that isn’t an option
  7. Dvroofer

    240 electric power steering

    Because my car is a reflection of my lack of sanity. Also my setup on my motor restricts where I can put things. I’d like to avoid more belts and or switching things around i only have the driver side top accessory mount available due to header,but it would be tight to my intake I believe. To...
  8. Dvroofer

    240 electric power steering

    I’m going to be attempting to covert an electric power steering pump from a 2006 s40 onto a 1991 240. I grabbed the working pump . Connectors and the high pressure line from the s40. I also have an additional high pressure line from a 88 7 series that fits the pump. I’m looking at where to fit...
  9. Dvroofer

    B230ft tuning recommendations

    Dont forget a decent turbo,wideband, intercooler, probably want a trans cooler and oil cooler. Also think about upgrading fuel pump maybe. Probably running out of $ by then
  10. Dvroofer

    Make Your Own 245/ 240 Wagon Headliner

    Very cool . Good detail . Will be using this info . Thank you
  11. Dvroofer

    Project szhitbrick

    Got the new carrier bearing pressed to the trutrac. . Had to install a new aux fan since my boss has me working in the desert. Got that handled with a new relay and switch. Rebuilt the ball bearing snail last week and now I have a metal hiss. Not sure what happened but will be disassembling and...
  12. Dvroofer

    After market oil cooler

    I have a moroso sandwich plate on the block running 2 10an lines to an earls filter relocator , I put a mishimoto thermostatic plate on that that runs to a mishimoto oil cooler. All 10an lines. This also gave me more ports to run a turbo feed. I adapted one of the lines down to a six and have...
  13. Dvroofer

    Project szhitbrick

    New toys for the brick
  14. Dvroofer

    3G alternator

    I have a 240 amp , no issues except windows rolling up extra quick
  15. Dvroofer

    Push to pass boost control

    I use a aem tru-boost x controller. It has a scramble boost setting you can put to a button and time. It works well.
  16. Dvroofer

    New 8V cast iron top mount T3 manifold

    I’m ordering one as well. I can’t run ac with the “extreme” from kl. it’s nice but takes up way too much room for my liking. And the very front lower stud is the bane of my existence.
  17. Dvroofer

    stock 335i intercooler for 300hp b230, too small?

    I could send mine out to someone if they’re want to test #s on it
  18. Dvroofer

    stock 335i intercooler for 300hp b230, too small?

    Share your results. I have one in a box I was wondering about. Smaller than the tr8 probably better fit