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  1. shoestring

    Chips + 012 MAF = Hesitation

    Does the current FPR maintain the 3bar spread relative to manifold pressure as manifold pressure changes?
  2. shoestring

    Chips + 012 MAF = Hesitation

    If your AFR readings are correct, that's close to a point higher than what these PROMs are programmed for. If you have another fuel pressure regulator, try it.
  3. shoestring

    The Trolvo - Our 9-second 1.5JZ-swapped Volvo 240

    Aftermarket axle shafts? The slo mo on the launch is awesome. Nice work with the car!
  4. shoestring

    Carbed car suddenly ran lean

    I love a simple fix.
  5. shoestring

    dirty, old and rusty: a tale of a $600 meatball

    Your 1-2 synchro is backwards. Also, I don't see a 1st gear blocking ring, but I just may not see it.
  6. shoestring

    RPM performance and mpg questions for a 240 8v b23/b230

    The stock shift light brings you in at 1500 in the next gear. The engine will tell you what it wants as far as shift points. Don't rely on "shift at X" all the time. You can, however rely on load (torque) demand. More load=more rpm. In the warm months I get at least 28mpg highway at 75mph...
  7. shoestring

    BMW 6-speed box users: What are your impressions?

    We bought everything we could from MKM Motorsports in Sweden, including the transmission, clutch disc, clutch pedal, crossmember and mountings, and shifter. A BMW 135i shifter link (between the shift lever and selector rod) landed the shift lever very nicely in the passenger's compartment...
  8. shoestring

    BMW 6-speed box users: What are your impressions?

    With enough gear and rpm I bet's it's awesome.
  9. shoestring

    BMW 6-speed box users: What are your impressions?

    Yes, it's very good with the refinement. No, it's probably not as good as an inline 6 because nothing is. When we made the pro and con list for transmission choice between T5/M90/S6, the fact that no one seems to say that their T5 doesn't buzz or vibrate weighed heavier against that...
  10. shoestring

    BMW 6-speed box users: What are your impressions?

    We used a Tenaci modular flywheel, but had to have Cam's friend modify the inner ring on a CNC as it wouldn't clear the springs on the clutch disc. Had to open up the inner portion of the pressure plate to clear the center hub on the clutch disc also, it needed about 4mm larger diameter. They...
  11. shoestring

    BMW 6-speed box users: What are your impressions?

    Excellent. Aside from a 3-axle gearbox on a non-dual mass flywheel rattle noise at idle (I had the same in my '69 Camaro when I swapped in a T56, and Cam has it with the M90 in his 940) and maybe some coast down, it's as factory. Shifts great. Clutch we chose is a bit heavy but I've been over...
  12. shoestring

    B230ft tuning recommendations

    I'm going to chime in here as the voice of reason. I think the important question to answer is "What am I trying to do here?" Are you trying to hit a number? Are you trying to run a certain E.T.? Trap speed? Lap time? Compete with Mustangs for dumbest shit pulled leaving the Dairy Queen...
  13. shoestring

    Brake Pads

    I used Hawk HPS on my 245 for almost ten years and over 100k out of one set. Went to Volvo pads when I finally had to replace them and kind of regret it. Volvo pads are noisier and way dustier.
  14. shoestring

    help needed with driveshaft alignment please

    In addition to the arrows as descried above, I've always found that there are yellow dots on both shafts. In the first picture you show of your shaft, it looks like I can see the dot on the nearside half, very near to the giubo. They may not line up perfectly, but there is definitely a "best"...
  15. shoestring

    help needed with driveshaft alignment please

    If I were to come look at this, I'd inspect 3 things: 1) Make sure the two halves are properly aligned. The marks are on it. 2) The u-joints you installed are not too tight/loose. 3) Engine and transmission mounts.
  16. shoestring

    Nylon Fuel Line

    You can buy replacement line in bulk from Belmetric. Fittings from the original supplier (Cohline) available there also.
  17. shoestring

    help needed with driveshaft alignment please

    Interesting the arrows even feature in the parts diagram.
  18. shoestring

    Rear end ratio and acceleration

    I'm listening.
  19. shoestring

    Remanufactured Parts Getting Worse?

    We used to have 2 local, independent parts store chains where I grew up: Robbin's and Sanel's. We had a NAPA too, but that was too rich for my blood. No Pep Boys, Auto Zone, O'Reilly's, etc. They didn't have store brand anything, it was only brand name (aftermarket) stuff. Time marched on...