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    Am I doing it right?

    The HD boots aren't blue? I must be living under a rock. There's usually a nice thick washer between the spring perch and strut mount. The upper spring perches are different left and right.

    140 Rally Suspension Setup Advice Needed

    I want to know where you can get a 140 for $500 in 2023 let alone 2015.


    Swedish Car Parts sells a full (minus cat section) stainless and mandrel bent over axle stock replacement. The header back Simons system looks nice it has 2 mufflers, I don't like how the IPD Turbo exhaust sounds, which has 1. I've heard that the earlier header pipes are longer before the...

    Volvo 240 struggling to turn off

    If your injectors are leaking they could be dieseling. When you turn the key off, the spark will stop. I'm also suspicious why you'd need bigger injectors on a non turbo 240 with LH2.2 if your only other engine mod is an intake. You're probably running very rich.

    Trying to take the pan out of my 1990 Volvo 240

    I've drilled and tapped a stripped drain plug in an engine block with the engine together with no issues. Grease the drill bit to catch chips, go slow, and I poured the used oil back in to flush anything else out that I could. I wouldn't advise that though, it was this or tear the engine down...

    Odd and maybe catastrophic engine noise.

    I rebuilt a Karmann Ghia motor that had the flywheel nut come loose, and it made a similar sound, like a bottom end rattle/knock that didn't sound as rhythmic as a spun bearing. Bad news was that the loose flywheel destroyed the crankshaft. Considering it sounds like you said that part had been...

    How to watch timing without removing belt cover

    Ah, I missed that part, thanks.

    How to watch timing without removing belt cover

    I'd like to add that the outer part of the pulley can slip with age and wear, I think you should first verify that the pulley reading is actually accurate before ruling out ignition timing. Valve timing being off would cause a whole lot of issues that would be hard to miss.

    DBW throttle bodies/ pedal

    Some people may find it easier or better to retain the factory pedal, it's up to you. The factory 240 cruise control operates off of the pedal.

    DBW throttle bodies/ pedal

    Some 90's Mercedes' have a throttle cable but it goes to a dummy throttle body that is just a potentiometer, I've been wanting to see someone use one in a swap.

    1981 244 Idle Issue

    If your wires looked bad just there, I'm sure they're bad where you can't see them. Considering it seems intermittent It's got to be the wiring harness. The ~92-96 EFI MB's will start acting up when their harnesses just show the slightest signs of the sheath cracking and crumbling at the exposed...

    +t Volvo 240 questions

    I'd be curious to see if an M47 with 3.73's or higher would hold up better than an M47 with 3.31's. My brother hasn't blown up the transmission in his STI swapped 2.5RS, and he's got 4.44's, some Subaru tuners think they're stronger than the WRX 4.10 transmissions because of torque multiplication.

    +t Volvo 240 questions

    Everything has been covered in detail hundreds of times over. Your 240 has LH2.2 injection with Chrysler ignition. You will need to convert to either LH2.2 and Bosch EZ117K (EZK) which is the turbo equivalent of your current system and came on 740/760 Turbos, go to LH2.4 (which is more...

    1989 Volvo 240 - Factory/Dealer R134 AC Conversion

    Pull the system the vacuum, then weigh the can and charge it by weight like it says, I honestly think charging by weight it a more accurate way to do it.

    AW70: Oil Cooler Flow ?

    I'm almost positive that the fluid enters into the cooler at the lower port and returns out at the top port.

    AW70: Oil Cooler Flow ?

    Rear on transmission is return, yes.

    240 engine swaps

    The B6284T motor from an S80 T6 has the same bell housing bolt pattern as the other "white block" motors like the B5234t4 you mentioned. In my opinion the scope of a white block, especially T6 in a 240 is huge. Take a look at the build threads and see how much progress has been made on the cars...

    Red Block install

    After the last car I engine swapped, I swore I'd never do it again without a whole donor car if possible. There will be a lot missing from the 740 to make it an easy and quick swap and nickel and diming all of those extra parts will add up for both time and money.

    Air Conditioning .... '89 245dl

    What Roy said is pretty much the simplest solution. You could preemptively go through the system and replace the o-rings if you wanted, they're common SAE sizes. You'll have to pull the system to vacuum before you fill it anyway, if it holds vacuum for an hour the system should be tight. I took...

    Need help IDing wheels

    Volvo Omega, they were available on the 700. Part number 1359180.