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  1. blue850t5

    164e V8 Conversion

    In case I don't sell my 164e, I have been thinking about a V8 conversion. I have an older 350 small block with a Turbo 400 trans sitting in the shop. Anyone know of any info on the conversion? I am just testing the waters with this. Mark
  2. blue850t5

    18" Pegs with Coilovers ?

    Just scored some coilovers for my 97 850T5. I currently have 18" Pegs. Has anyone made this combo work or do I have to go to 17's. I have BBK's all around so I would like to keep the 18" if possible. Picking up the coilovers tonight and will start test fitting. Photos if you have them...
  3. blue850t5

    96 Black 850R at Wrecking Yard

    96 black 850R sedan hit in front right corner. Fresh off the truck thirty minutes ago. Call Ken at Volvo/Saab Auto Dismantlers in rancho Cordova CA 916 635 9970. Tell him Mark sent you. Parts: 5 Volans Grey R interior R rear spoiler cracked front R spoiler (fixable I think) R engine Etc...
  4. blue850t5

    Oil Cooler Question?

    Wanting to add an oil cooler to my 850. I plan on mounting it behind the grill in front of the A/C. Here is the question; Do I mount it in series with the stock radiator cooler utilizing both or do I mount it as the sole cooler? Was planning on tapping into the existing lines from the block...
  5. blue850t5

    The Fleet

    Just thought I would share a few photos of the fleet. I left the 164e out of the picture as it is still waiting for injectors. 1995 T5R, 1996 R, and 1997 T5.
  6. blue850t5

    T5r yellow wagon content!!

    Picked this up a few weeks ago :cool: My friend thought the "Yellow" cab sign was funny...