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  1. thelocalspoke

    Line-bore B230 cam bearing surfaces?

    Is this even really possible? It seems to me that if a head gasket surface needs cutting to fix any lack of flatness, the cam bearings will be misaligned as well. But, if you fix that, they will be too large a diameter for your cam. I have a bare 530 head here that, if you lay a cam in its...
  2. thelocalspoke

    Add knock light to LH2.4?

    I've tried searching TB and Google, the Saab APC answer clogs the results. I can hear okay, sorta; I'm careful. But I have various buzzes and rattles in the car that confuse me. And anyway, a light lights better than I can hear. Can the output from the knock sensor be wired to a light without...
  3. thelocalspoke

    012 MAF/AMM vs homemade ~3" one with 016 guts

    What does experience tell us run best? I'll be using an RSI stage 1 cam, Bosch Green Giants, a ported 15G/90+, TLAO fuel and EZK chips, 3" DP with OBX to the back... I have an extra 016, can gut it; 012s seem a bit thin on the ground around here. Thanks,
  4. thelocalspoke

    Ghetto 7XX axle clamshell stiffener, plus Newbie post, hopefully useful

    Dang I dislike flickr. Here's the mod first, in case you don't want to also get to know me. 7/940 turbos seem to me to use up the torque rod bushings first (along with the easy to get track rod bushing) out back, so it's odd that those are the hardest to find in poly. Pay attention to the TB...