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  1. J

    Possible dumb question

    No, it's not normal. But it's an old car and old cars get problems caused by old age, neglect and wear. In this case i would try cleaning out the idle control circuit. You didn't mention the type of engine in your car but i suppose it has an idle control valve. You can try taking it off and...
  2. J

    940 Lpt not making or barely making any boost

    hard-soldering = brazing?? not sure. BTW stock boost should be about 0,3-0,35bar (= 5psi?) and the turbo should start spooling from as low as 1700-1800rpm , all boost in at 2250rpm
  3. J

    940 Lpt not making or barely making any boost

    2 physical defects are typical on high mileage B230FK: - big cracks in the hot side of the Mitsubishi td04-13C turbo. Waste gate side. It means the WG valve is never fully closed which is needed to start making boost. This never sets a check engine light because at no point exhaust gas is...
  4. J


    So, many modern car engines use this cycle to run more efficient and get good mileage. I suppose they use variable cam timing for this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atkinson_cycle I was wondering, could you setup the cam timing on a conventional NA engine like an 8valve redblock to do the same...
  5. J

    740 electrical gremlins after installing LED head lights

    I have installed LED lights in the headlights of my 780. They work fine. But after doing that i sometimes (well, 50% of the time actually) have the warning light for a broken bulb light up on the dash. It will come on with the city/park lights, the low beams and high beams. All the time NO...
  6. J

    740 quick Q about crank sensor

    I am stumped about the intermittent no-start situation of my 780 T16V. Once the engine starts it will keep on running. But sometimes , usually after i drove the car somewhere else, it refuses to start. Startermotor cranks at good speed. I can hear the fuel pump prime before cranking. Things i...
  7. J

    780: seat height mods?

    I have owned and driven my 780 for a few months now and it's nice but there is one thing that is starting to annoy me slightly and that is the seat height of the drivers seat. I am 6ft2 and the car has a sunroof, even with the seat adjusted in the lowest setting possible i am still brushing my...
  8. J

    S/V/C no balance

    FWD T5 nightmare: I just had the geartronic replaced. It shifts perfectly. But since this job was done the drivetrain vibrates when driving over 55, faster and it gets worse and worse I had the front wheels balanced > no improvement The vibration is definitely speed related, not engine rpm...
  9. J

    S/V/C lower control arms S60/V70 2000>>

    about 35kkm ago i decided to get brandnew control arms because i no longer truster the old ones. So i went and bought a pair of control arms from ProPartsSweden partnr. 61430182 DC12. Not OEM parts. innitially all was well and the car steered and braked crisply but 25kkm later the right side...
  10. J

    S/V/C input from Volvo-tech wanted about GearTronic

    my car is a 2001 V70T5 with a GearTronic slushbox. it has done at least 300000miles. 20000miles ago i had the geartronic flushes and i am using JWS3309, brand: BG as long as the ATF is reasonably cool it shifts OK but once the ATF is warm it starts flaring between 2nd and 3rd once 3rd engages...
  11. J

    S/V/C idle problem V70-T5

    My 2001 V70-T5 has an annoying idle problem only when the engine is hot. the idle will surge between 600-900rpm. Bloody annoying, specially on a car with a slushbox. here's the info: - the engine runs good, no CEL, but VIDA does point out that the VVT solenoid is faulty. - when cold it idles...
  12. J

    white block 850T5 head on a wb P2 V70T5 block??

    i probably have a burnt exhaust valve in the engine of my V70T5 2001 I was wondering, are the castings of the 850 T5 head identical to those of the P2 T5? Would it be possible to install an 850 T5 head on a P2 block ? I would want to use the P2 the cams and the ignition equipement and...
  13. J

    S/V/C ETM fix

    anybody have experience with this ETM fix? http://www.sacer.com.cn/doce/product-detail-235.html is it DIY? The company sells a minimum of 5 pieces,mainly B2B , i only need one. Anybody re-sell these?
  14. J

    S/V/C oscilating idle speed

    I have a V70 T5 geartronic my2001. When it's cold it idles just fine. But once warmed up it starts to oscilate between 600rpm and 900rpm when idling. R, N, D, P makes no difference. I have VIDA but OBD2 says everything is OK... no engine related errors stored. It drives OK (except when...
  15. J

    S/V/C WG pre-load, how much?

    My P2 V70-T5 runs OK, no CEL but spoolup is kinda slow. I really need kickdown/3000rpm to feel serious boost. Annoying. Is this normal? The car just never feels like 250hp. When i had the 16T on the bench i noticed some cracks in the WG-port. Must be leaking exhaust gasses there. Enough to hurt...
  16. J

    S/V/C daylight running lights

    My V70 p2 has daylight running lights. There seems to be no way to completely switch off the headlights while driving the car. in my 940 i could just pull a fuse and be done. Is there a similar way in my V70 p2 to switch those annoying daylight runninglights off??
  17. J

    S/V/C ground straps p2 V70

    how many groundstraps are there supposed to be between engine and body of a p2 V70? i can only locate one small one: from valvecover to bulkhead. Is that the only one?
  18. J

    S/V/C not impressed...

    so i have this V70-T5, got it with some tech issues which i managed to fix The OBD and board computer are code free at this moment, no emissions problems. but the thing is, i am seriously unimpressed by the power that my car puts out... It's supposed to put out 250hp on gasoline, maybe 230hp on...
  19. J

    S/V/C Alternator removal

    I got a V70 T5, my2001 and i need to replace the alternator. I have got it lose and free but i can't get it out... There is an alu steeringpump bracket obstructing on the left that is also in the way to move the alt upward. there is the intake manifold on the right down below is the aircopump...
  20. J

    picked up a cheap V70 T5

    I am back in a Turbo Volvo! ;-) Yesterday i bought a dirtcheap V70 T5 geartronic, my2001. It is loaded with stuf like RTi, leather seats and steeringwheel, OEM stereo CD, ECC, CC, STC and OEM telefoon :-P but the nicest equipement is a Vialle-LPi kit! (worth 2000,- euro when bought new) The car...