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  1. swedishiron.com

    Rare Volvo parts that you have!

    I don't remember its source. I had at least 3 kits. One went in the '79. One went in Don's old black '83 245. The 3rd kit went in the '85.
  2. swedishiron.com

    Rare Volvo parts that you have!

    swedishiron.com also has one installed in his 1985 245Turbo
  3. swedishiron.com

    Volvo 240 Digital Dash Retrofit

    This is still incredibly cool
  4. swedishiron.com

    Volvo 940 16t setup?

    Also, this company: https://lucacarmods.com/en/ (their site recently got hacked so they are rebuilding things to make it more secure)
  5. swedishiron.com

    Saving A 245 Turbo, or How Not To Do This Sort of Thing

    I use it to bleed all the brakes on all my Volvos.
  6. swedishiron.com

    Please Help: AW71 ATF Leak!

    What was the torque spec that you tightened the bolts to?
  7. swedishiron.com

    Deb the 940

    Check the bushings on your shift linkage. They can get worn / fall out and thus cause the linkage to be out of alignment.
  8. swedishiron.com

    The Unofficial IPD 2023 Thread - 5/20/2023 Portland, OR

    I went to one National Meet in Olympia about 20 years ago. Not nearly as many cars or enthusiasts or swap meet goodies as the IPD Garage Sale. It was extremely low key, except for the last night banquet, when many Tbrickers hung out at the same table, got drunk and caused a grave disturbance...
  9. swedishiron.com

    K24 turbo for a b230f+t routing water/oil lines

    ALL 240 Turbos made and sold from 1981 - 1985 came with "oil-cooled" Garrett T3 turbochargers only. Starting in late 1986 (?), Volvo offered a rebuild / replacement kit to install water cooled Garrett T3 turbos on the 240 Turbos. I think they also did this for the 1984 - 1986 740/760 cars with...
  10. swedishiron.com

    Oil Pump Mods - Max Effort

    good news for us, I suppose
  11. swedishiron.com

    Turbo and N/A oil pump difference

    Do you have a picture to show the difference(s)?
  12. swedishiron.com

    Different redblock intercooler sizes?

    That's a bingo! Is that how you say it?
  13. swedishiron.com

    Issues with ECU/EZK

    Yes, and I have one for sale, too. Pics here:
  14. swedishiron.com

    1991 940 Turbo

    Spend some time reading these threads, too: https://www.turbobricks.com/index.php?threads/15g-install-guide-walkthrough.56819/ & https://turbobricks.com/index.php?threads/how-to-setup-a-15g-16t-18t-19t-for-rwd.83929/
  15. swedishiron.com

    Issues with ECU/EZK

    Yes, that's correct. I do have a few 207 EZK available and I'm working on getting a functioning unit to the OP of this thread.
  16. swedishiron.com

    The Unofficial IPD 2023 Thread - 5/20/2023 Portland, OR

    Swedish Iron Dot Com will be there with our big tent of Volvo goodies to sell!
  17. swedishiron.com

    Looking for 84 Volvo BOSCH 240DL Distributor with HAL sensor

    What is the part number on the distributor you have or seek? I may have a spare one.
  18. swedishiron.com

    No longer receiving email notification of Private Messages

    I checked my Settings & Options: Edit Options, I have the box for "Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages" checked. I also checked the email address in Edit Your Details: Edit Email & Password, and my email address is correct. Can a mod or admin please check? Thanks! - Jonathan
  19. swedishiron.com

    Mike Aaro cylinder head article

    Since it's no longer linked on the main page :???: http://www.turbobricks.com/specs/sohc_heads.php