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  1. J

    Boost maxed out at 9.8psi

    So I've fitted a shanghai windmill on the car with a hose of other performance mods and was hoping I could wind my boost up to around 22psi. I'm running a Innovate SCG-1 Boost controller/afr gauge and no matter what I try to do settings wise my boost seems to max out a 9.8psi. I have a ported...
  2. J

    Kaplhenke Coilover parts diagram (exploded diagram posted page 2)

    Hi gang, I've messaged Ben on the Facebook group but he is notoriously bad at support. Granted I got these second or third hand, but I feel I'm missing something or have installed incorrectly. My setup is front and rear coil overs on a Volvo 740t wagon with t5 trans. The fronts clunk and if I...
  3. J

    Wasted spark questions

    Hi guys, I have a 89 740t wagon which has been converted to lh2.4 and need some assistance I've installed the wasted spark board in my ez, I have it ready to hook up to a 960 ignition module and Bosch 2x2 coils. I just need help figuring out what to do with existing coil and power stage in the...
  4. J

    DIY panhard measurements

    Hey gang, I have a 3/4" jackscrew with Kj and then threads to weld into my panhard bar on my 740 to make it adjustable. Does anyone know the correct weld in bung sizes I need in order to get this finished? The panhard OD is 1" but without cutting I need to know the ID so I can order the correct...
  5. J

    Kaplhenke coilovers installation guide

    Hey tbrickers, I have searched the forum and the internet to no avail. I'm looking for a guide on installing Ben Kaplans coilovers on a 740. I feel like I'm missing something. Can anyone shed some light?
  6. J

    740 front rotor identification

    Hi guys. Have found these front rotors locally but unsure which model they are for. Can anyone ID them? I have an 88' 740t non ABS and it has girling front calipers. Will these fit?
  7. J

    Has anyone added front splitters to 740?

    I recently acquired a set of aftermarket front splitters for my 740. I'm at a terrible a loss as to how I install them. In true turbobricks fashion I'm a cheapskate and want to do this myself. I have had to shave off one side to fit over the the bumper, however the fibreglass is warped and one...
  8. J

    1988 740T performance upgrades

    mods please delete mods please delete