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    Question about block vs head dizzy

    Recently picked up a 90+ engine out of the junkyard, having it sent out to the machine shop next week. Im going to be running LH2.2 In this car, due to getting a really good deal on harness and the ECU/EZK combo. My question is, the engine I picked up has a block mounted distributor. Obviously...
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    CXracing vs yoshifab rods

    both are 152mm, both are 4130 forged. Was wondering if anybody had experience with the CXracing rods vs the yoshifab rods.
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    1994 Volvo 940 oil pan

    Hello All, I own a 1994 volvo 940. Was trying to pull the oil pan on it today and I was able to get the motor jacked up and hung so I could get the oil pan out but I still didn't have enough clearance. Is it recommended to drop the front crossmember, the one that the rack sits on as well? I dont...
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    1994 volvo 940 megasquirt?

    Any comprehensive guides out there on using a megasquirt in a 94' 940? I just picked up the car, not entirely sure which ignition system it has on it yet but im willing to do a conversion. Would love some advice.