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    Rochester NY mechanic

    Hey I need a shop in Rochester NY for my son with his 1995 940 sedan. He hit a pothole and spewed some liquid from the front end. Needs some help looking it over. thanks... ...m
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    1976 240 heat/AC controls

    I have the dash out of my 242 and did the heater core and blower motor and they PO had cut the vacuum line than works the air diverters that send the hot or cold air up or down to the floor vents. There is a big fat 5/8" hose going thru the firewall just cut and taped on the engine side. Where...
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    1976 242 4 speed

    I have a m46 about to go into my automatic 242 NA and trying to get the shifter together from a pile of used parts. Where does one get the upgrade bronze guides from and anyone have a breakdown of the bits that go in the shifter pivot? what other parts should be replaced while I'm here. I...
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    replacement clutch pedal 740-V8 swap

    I have a 745 turbo wagon with the Converse conversion running a Ford 5.0 and T-5 trans. We keep braking the plastic volvo clutch pedal. Any ideas on what to replace it with if I want to keep it just cable pedal not assisted? ...michael
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    driving a very used 240 home

    OK I found a car I want but it is in Tucson and I live in Philly. I drove my 2000v70R to Dallas and sold it. I've been looking for a car and found nice rust free 240. What would you change to get it home? What to bring with you? Extra parts? 1976 motor stock. Brakes are good pads and...
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    Volvo mechanic in Tucson 76 240

    I'm looking at a car in Tucson and will want to get it to a volvo mechanic to get it running. The car has original engine in it... Lots of smog junk. Thanks... ...michael