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    1030 or 1031 in my 1989 volvo 244dl

    Glad to see the OP getting info after the hijacks
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    M41 Conversion in a 1967 122 Wagon w/ Short Shifter: Anyone Been Down this Road?

    I am basking in the light of the master's approval, but it is not a stretch to predict that you would know the answer.
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    M41 Conversion in a 1967 122 Wagon w/ Short Shifter: Anyone Been Down this Road?

    I suppose if you ran across a driveshaft half from an auto trans car there may be a chance it would be the right length. No doubt Hiperfauto could answer that question directly. Looks like you put the tranny in with the bell housing attached. Do yourself a favor next time and put the bell on...
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    1030 or 1031 in my 1989 volvo 244dl

    Hey, can I play this game too? Here are photos of tags on unidentified axles. Thanks for any info.
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    Odd and maybe catastrophic engine noise.

    Here is something that is relatively easy to check: I once had a bolt fall out of the back of the block (it was one of those holding the main seal housing), and it made a terrible sound. It got stuck between the flywheel and the block, and generated so much friction that the engine didn't want...
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    740 M46 Overdrive Wiring

    Maybe you have already seen this. It is likely from a 240. You may have to fudge the wire colors, and they may not exist in the auto car quite like you need.
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    Short in horn (1989 Volvo 240 Sedan)

    Sig-worthy quote Nice to have a straightforward fix
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    1973 164e, 55,000 miles

    Urgh... Noted.
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    Recalcitrant font passenger window

    Unplugging something and then plugging it back in is a classic way to diagnose bad connections. Maybe those connectors need cleaning. I am a fan of DeoxIT for easy chemical restoration of connectors. Also, the switches get dirty and full of crap. IIRC, the switches can be totally disassembled...
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    1973 164e, 55,000 miles

    Looks like a good find. Older cars had a clutch fork that would crack with age and then would flex instead of moving the parts. Updated forks were reinforced to prevent cracking. Not sure which you would expect to have, but if cable adjustment doesn't hold, consider this.
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    Early 240 Cluster Oddities

    A little late to the party... take a good look at all the pins in the PCB that engage the round and half-moon connectors. There have been cases of those pins coming loose and making intermittent contact with the board. In that case, you will be able to detect movement when you try to wiggle the...
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    Where to get these hose clamps?

    They are ABA and AWAB. I have done some Googling and turned up some bags of 50, but nothing that fit my needs. The sizes I am looking for are in the range of 22mm and 26mm. I am well fixed with fuel line size. Any leads?
  13. H

    240 Cruise control switch?

    I was checking out my large collection of turn/cruise switches. (Having a hard time linking to my host. See attached image) These switches are listed for all 240's through '89. Three of the four I have are very janky in the cruise function. The fourth is not shown here... The cruise switch...
  14. H

    940 wheel offset?

    I have read that the late 940's had the larger wheel offset of the FWD cars. Not all sources I have found agree with this. Can someone confirm one way or another? The car in question is a '95.
  15. H

    B21 Throttle body gasket interchange?

    I have been looking for this gasket for a B21F- that would be N/A. I found p/n 1271488, which is listed for LH TB's. There is a vague suggestion that it fits the K-jet one also, but it is not conclusive. Can anybody help with a number, or confirmation of this number?
  16. H

    240 ID this spoiler?

    It is suspected of being off a 240, but there is no certainty. Said to have Volvo "1125-01" on it. Anybody know what it is?
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    What are your O-rings made of?

    I went to my local Napa store and asked for a single o-ring. The guy pulled out a box and presented a couple of options. I asked what they were made of and he said "rubber". That didn't satisfy me, so when I pressed him, he looked it up and they were Buna-N-nitrile. What is your favorite...
  18. H

    What does a used G80 typically sell for?

    Just the differential, out of the rear end.
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    sticky lubricant question

    Some of you may remember the days when you could hardly go into an auto parts store without seeing a machine sitting on the counter. It had a clear plastic case and several gears stacked vertically. You could turn a crank and all the gears would turn causing a puddle of stuff in the bottom to...