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1031 Rear axle dead, clunking on decel


Jul 25, 2019
i drained the oil was completely silver. giant amount of shavings on the magnet

anyways i want to get a brand new rear axle preferably built.
want to eventually run 300kph+
i got a budget of 2.5k€

where can i buy one in europe? i cant find any.
payment via paypal


Professional Amateur
Mar 11, 2015
Beaverton, OR
i will do that tomorrow. also it says 14 tooth for the speed signal, i thought that they are supposed to be 12 and are they fully assembled?
All of these are things that can be answered if you call, I expect. I can't read Swedish but I see a "48" option listed which would be correct for the ABS axle - maybe the 14 is a typo.

If the 14 is not a typo, might be easiest to buy a 48 and run a pretty inexpensive pulse divider to divide that by 4 for your 12-tooth signal.