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144 cheapskate salvage operation

I need to backtrack from the snowball rally photos for a bit here. After installing the M40 I refreshed I noticed it started giving me some glittery oil. So in went an M41. I was lucky enough to find all the required pieces along with the proper overdrive stalk for a '73.

I also got some free 15x5.5" "Dan Gurney" style wheels in a 5x108 bolt pattern.

At this point before the rally it was finishing touches. My kind of finicky set of HIF carbs were ditched in favor of some HS6s I rebuilt after borrowing the Joe Curto reamer tools from a friend. Also, VP doesn't seem to sell the right seal for the jet tube to float bowl connection. It should have a square profile o ring instead of a round one. VP sells a round one, which seems to be hit or miss on sealing.

Had to make sure I had tunes. So I installed an AM/FM tape deck and designed an adapter to replace the single worn out dash speaker with two smaller full range drivers. It all fits under the stock speaker grille. The new purple switch controls the driving lights.


This was the final start of the car when it went on the rally, with a few minor tweaks here and there.
On the rally I did notice the steering box was leaking. So I kept topping it up with oil the whole way. I tore down a spare I got out of a rusty white wagon in the pick n pull and resealed it.

Also I had some fuel starvation issues on the rally, which led some fuel filter shenanigans in a Tahoe parking lot at 10:00 PM. Afterwards I decided to drain the tank and check the pickup screen. Seems like that was an issue.

Also just some fun stuff, made 3d printed center caps for the wheels.

After all of this I decided that the car really deserved to go back to fuel injection. It already rides very smoothly even on 50 year old bushings with just some new shocks and an IPD swaybar. So might as well make the engine just as nice.

With all the d-jet stuff on I noticed it running very very lean at idle, but it would start. Turns out a previous mechanic had tried to "adjust" the pressure sensor.

While I had the manifolds off I welded a bung into the exhaust for an O2 sensor with the intention of a sort of stealthy microsquirt installation. Trying to get D-jet to start was just for fun. I found a modern Bosch coolant temp sensor that fits in the stock D-jet sensor location. The air temp sensor is a bit trickier. I decided to design a little adapter for 3D printing that would mount a Bosch 0280130039 air temp sensor where the cold start valve goes.