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1981 245 EFI Conversion

Fixed the headlights: bypassed the bulb failure relay. We took the output from the headlight relay and went straight to the low beams, replacing the original (presumably faulty) wires with 14ga. Low beams work great, didn't get to the high beams yet, but they may work just fine now that we've resolved the low beam wiring.

When we tested the resistance between points 1/2 and 3/4 on my diagram above, we saw values in the Kohms range that were changing over time. This told me something was very wrong. I cut the white-blue wire that feeds the bulb failure relay out of the headlight relay and ran new headlight wires to the low beams.

Dad took the car to an exhaust shop to get the leaky exhaust section replaced. Sounds much better now without an exhaust leak.
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You should build a new headlight harness. The factory harness supplies all the headlight voltage through the switch at the dash causing a lot of voltage drop and eventually burns out the switch or melts the connector. What you do is install two 4/5 pin relays in the engine bay that directly feed +12v to the high and low beams and you use the output of the factory hi/low relay to trigger the new relays. If you build the harness with thicker gauge than factory you can run more powerful headlights without melting anything. Wagonmeister sells these harnesses as well.