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1983 245 GLT Resurrect-ed

I was focusing on getting the rear windows in and being one step close to sealing this car up for the first time since 2012. Never removed tint before, I learned that heat is your friend and it is much easier to pull a full piece rather than tearing sections. Heat gun between my knees to heat the underside of the window helped tremendously.


Replaced every rubber hose on the car. In doing so I found my firewall interface was, in a word, toast. STS machining to the rescue!


Once all the hoses were in, I tried firing it up. Success......and then immediate failure as it started pissing coolant all over the ground. The coolant line that runs against block was corroded but I thought in tact enough to be serviceable. Apparently not. Now I have a stainless one on order with STS as well.

DASH IS IN! Major milestone for me...feels like this car might actually come back together!

How is started:

How its going:

I picked up this ~89 dash from Ebay just about a week after I bought the car. I knew there was no way I would keep the gnarly original dashboard. However, when I got it it had come cracks pre-existing, and I couldn't put back a dashboard that was cracked! So, SEM to the rescue. I got a black plastic bond material that was able to fill the cracks and I sanded down.
Then I hit it with this stuff. It isn't perfect, but a pretty good match with the texture and color the of the rest of the dash.

As I said, not perfect but good enough for government work.

And that brings us back here! PXL_20240329_025030359.jpg

I was so excited I had to unwrap my new headunit just to see if it fits the existing space (which it does, perfectly). Can't wait to start getting this interior back together! Next up: headliner.
Small update:

1. Dash is mostly together. Everything seems to work, excited to evac and charge the AC and test that out. But for now, blower works as intended, the vacuum controls are vacuuming, the lights are lighting! I do need a new oil sender, that gauge seems to be doing nothing. OH and I got a new speedo cable to replace the one that had a broken locking mechanism.
2. I powerwashed the carpet (thanks for the great idea @Jack )
3. The whole trunk area is now covered with sound deadening
4. I realize I will probably need to source some good used cargo area panels
5. I thought I had a blue carpet, but realize now that it is just extremely faded black.
6. Both front door panels had stress cracks which I welded up and painted.

7. I spent a silly amount of money on a set of do88 charge pipe connectors. but they nice.
Long and successful night. New trans mount and installed the sts bronze shifter bushings. Finished up another door panel. But the best part about today was meeting @Ilvmetal and picking up these beauties. Thanks Mike!!

Been a minute since I posted. Bunch of vacation getting in the way. Finished up the door panels and got the headliner at least partway in. Still have to align the rear hatch and get the wiring hooked up. Carpet going in very soon!


I have been terrible about taking pictures, but a ton to update on. Since you last saw this car I have:

1. Installed carpet
2. Installed seats/seatbelts
3. New steering rack
4. Koni Sport shocks and Lesfojors Sport springs
5. used IPD panhard and upper control arms (thanks for the great deal @ermit71!)
6. New calipers all around, all new hoses
7. Painted and installed all outside door trim and window scrapers
8. New intank pump and fixed the faulty wiring
9. Martelius Turbo-back 3 in exhaust. (splurge after the stock exhaust literally fell apart when I removed it)
10. Innovate LC2 Wideband

I'm sure there are other things. I've been cranking on this thing almost every night for the past 5 weeks. Feels good to finally see the results of my labor coming together. First, here's how it sits after a bath and driving it up and down my street.


It makes spooly noises! It idles and doesn't overheat! It gets between 12.7 and 13.4 AFR under wide open throttle (clearly this needs sorting)! It brakes in a straight line! Major win.

Rewinding a bit, here is some of what I have been up to.

The rack that came with the car leaked like a civ so needed replacing. I am keeping the ZF that was in the car to send out for rebuilding/modifying for 2.5 turns. For now, the AMR rack from Rockauto works fine.



Seemed well packed, although did not come with outer tierods. I had purchased some Lemfroder units earlier and have used those.

out with the old

Just imagine a new one in there :) Tackled the struts and housings. Question for the board, does anyone still fill these with antifreeze to help cool the shocks? I sealed the bottom of the strut tube with sound deadening and it seems to be holding the coolant so far. Used these Delphi balljoints which seem way beefier than the TRW units that were on the car.



Strut housings painted and installed

Actually bought one of the Bissel Little Green carpet cleaners, this thing rocks (the one on the left looked exactly like the right)

cleaning more things


Created some backing plates for the BNE 5.5 in speaker bases I purchased.

No pics of the martelius exhaust but fit and finish are great and install was a breeze. You can see the tailpipe peeking out here. Happy to get more detailed pics if anyone is interested. It looks crooked but just an effect of having no bumper. Still looking for a rear bumper!!

So that is the frenetic, random recap of the past month or so. Still beaming ear to ear from driving it today. I can see this will be super fun to drive once I get it all buttoned up and throw in the G80 I just sourced. Stoked and cant wait to do more! Happy 4th everyone!
2 posts in two days?!? Wanted to update with some pictures that were missing and show off this Martelius exhaust.

First, bask in the glow of a clean underbody and brandy new rack.


Got me some BNE sway bar links because why not

In the first picture you can see the exhaust back there. Pretty straightforward install but the first muffler rubbed against the driveshaft on my test drive.


Couple of issues. For one, the passenger side hanger was far too long and unnecessarily pushed the muffler towards the ds. Fixed that by drilling a hole closer to the muffler which reduced the tension on the rubber donut.



Then I loosened everything up and shifted it over, giving another solid inch and a half (giggity). For good measure I clearanced the can a bit more with a ball peen hammer.

Bled the brakes one more time and called it a night. Today just working on painting parts (can't powder coat everything like cool kid @Jack ) .
Love, love, love this car! Especially the fact that you recognized and pounced on a rare opportunity even before knowing exactly what you'd do with it, and your dedication to elevating everything else up to the level of "new paint". Your result is already clearly worthy of the time and effort you expend... and finishing to driver status will light up a smile on your face many times over. Well done!
Finishing work continues on the front end! Painted all the headlight components and installed the skinny trim. Before anyone starts going off on me "THATS THE WRONG TRIM ONLY TURBO TRIM ON TURBO CARS WHARBAGARBLE" i know. I like the skinny trim. Maybe I'll repaint the fat black trim and compare.

One question I have is how the headlight surround actually get fastened to the body. This is literally the first time I've ever seen this car with anything installed on the front end, no point of reference.

Also found out, after I rewired it, that I have TWO drivers side side markers. So now I have one that I can sell, I guess? I just assumed I'd have a left and right. Never even bothered to look.







Scary wiring

Much better



Finished up the trim around midnight last night

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Looks great! The headlight surrounds fasten to the body with two square plastic pins that fit into holes on the sheet metal. They often break off. People replace them with screws usually. On the top the two cylinders of plastic at each end get a spring and a T shaped push pin to push down on the spring and hold it all in place. Nice to see another old wagon coming back to life.