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1984 242 TIC Texas

Some progress on the blue one, new fuel pumps in, still don't have a fuel gauge so gonna check the wiring !


Then the reattachment of the trims!Screenshot_20230116_153320_Gallery.jpg
Did some dyeing of the plastics, painted the mirrors, black trim lines around and under the windows and wiper arms!

Threw some wheel caps on too!
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This was maybe two months ago but got her driving, inspected and had it dailying. Did the timing belt and switched the tails.

Eventually sold it about two weeks back. Mostly because I wanted another car. More on that later!Screenshot_20230512_113824.jpgScreenshot_20230512_113841.jpgScreenshot_20230512_114030.jpgScreenshot_20230512_114114.jpgScreenshot_20230512_114143.jpgScreenshot_20230512_114200.jpgScreenshot_20230512_114223.jpgScreenshot_20230512_114223.jpgScreenshot_20230512_114243.jpgScreenshot_20230512_114402.jpgScreenshot_20230512_114608.jpg
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Picked up these slightly worn sedan leather seats last weekend off a member. I had salvaged the folding mechanisms out of the 75 seats from a year ago and swapped them out onto the sedan frames. Just elongate the existing holes and drill two for the mounting bracket.

I just left the folding switch under the covers for a cleaner look and easier time!

In the course of work I ended up opening a whole seam on the passenger seat so on with the ipd covers. So much lower that the c30 seats so happy out.

Much more comfortable interior and actually have a half inch of headroom !

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It's always nice to have a solid runner when you've got three project cars rocking.Screenshot_20230913_224216_Gallery.jpg

Taking care of the little interior details before I tackle the trunk rust in this 84 b23.


Threw on an egg crate grille too!

I don't think I've driven a better variant of the 240 to date. Hoping the b230 ft in the turbo 242 is as fun to drive as the b23!