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1984 242t/745t/245 ls Texas

Fixed my leaky transmission cooler line.

This little $12 tap & die set saved my arse !

The pipe was a bit bent right at the end so had to brace it as I tightened the thing. Clean out the threads on the nipple and on the pipe nut! 20240409_201537.jpg20240409_195659.jpg

Praying it holds!

Currently trying to remove ancient tint on the front windows so I can drive it, dumped a whole heap of coolant due to what I think is a loose hose and trying to adjust the kickdown so the thing shifts properly!
Well this was an easy fix, wish I'd noticed it before dumping two bottles of coolant, it was just sitting on the pipe and not tightened 😆


20240415_194444.jpgCar is running nicely, alternator barely charging so will need to tackle that.
Captain tangent lol

When a seemingly lowile 740t shows up at the yards you've gotta get there quick. This'll be a reserve unit for the 242t or the 740 t.

Despite the dust it looks really clean, the mileage could be accurate
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Today was fun, painted my v90 spoiler, fixed a leaking heater hose seal, tightened me alternator belt to get it charging and threw some gauges at a pod to mock up the madness!
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Think I'll do the angled mount on the gauges!

Spoiler mounted

Rear brake calipers, hoses and pads on now too.

Thought I bled the system but have a very squishy pedal! 20240428_111601.jpg20240428_112200.jpg20240428_113122.jpg20240428_113551.jpg20240428_134030.jpg20240428_141631.jpg
Nice weather today to add some bits, fitted the tow bar and picked up a nice roof rack fairing for beer money!

One or two issues persist, on startup it runs kinda rough then clears up.

Coupled with the coolant disappearing from the reservoir without any outside leaks I think I make have a h/g issue in area of the pistons

Royal pita, but it'll get done !
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So the head came off, not sure if I'm reading the gasket right but it looks as if the water and oil were mixing, some evidence of that in the coolant tank. Going to flush the rad and block once the head is back on, oil is still decent and uncontaminated.


Have the head that came with it and the one off the swap engine, going to a mate for a head refurb, get the seals renewed and get it all nicely shimmed!
Nice bit of detailing, managed to remove the passenger side tint in one go with a lot of steaming ahead of peeling it off.

Leaving the rest until I can afford a proper tint job.

My good NA head is off with my mate getting rebuilt to turbo specs, transferring the valves, replacing the stem seals etc. The turbo heads I had were shagged!

My favourite step in any of these builds are the 15.99 bumper restoration dye jobs !

AC prep while I've the head off and it's easy to access stuff.

New compressor, new softlines enroute, then accumulator and orifice tube.

Hoping it'll then have good AC as 90% of the components will be new!20240516_191122.jpg20240516_202244.jpg20240516_202249.jpg
Little bits while the weather gets hot,

Turbo badge, 3d printed ;)

One of the missing bumper covers came in the post.

A new stainless heater pipe from pump to oil cooler thingy to internal heater core, a bit of future proofing.
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