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1984 242t/745t/245 ls Texas

Gave the interior a quick wipe, little bit of wear on drivers side carpet, hadn't realised it's the 4 speed and not an m46 overdrive. Have some m46/m47 boxes here so that may be a future option. Clutch works, the bushings are non existent but she goes into all gears smoothly!


Had a quick look at the wiring, seems decent for the most part, one of the wires to the battery needs replacement but relatively okay.20240614_084435.jpg20240614_084441.jpg20240614_084459.jpg20240614_084445.jpg

Good clean oil in it, a little bit low but grand! 20240614_084418.jpg

I flipped the carb around after looking online a bit for similar setups.

I actually helped the p/o throw it on in the dark and we messed up lol20240614_091336.jpg
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She's working now after a new petronix coil, fresh leads, distributor cap and sone carb adjustments, need to get a better accelerator cable into it and it's a bit frayed and stiff!

Decided to give the inside a bit of a clean, drivers seat is repaired with the finest duct tape ;)

Got the glovebox open, sold to original owner in Austin is 1980, and last stamp in the service history is from 1983 with 31507 miles, shed showing 43708 now or something similar. It can't be original given the wear on the driver's carpet/ pedal rubbers/ gear linkage. But maybe 20240617_203326.jpg20240617_203314.jpg20240617_203310.jpg20240617_203305.jpg20240617_203301.jpg20240617_201410.jpg20240617_200905.jpg20240617_200735.jpg20240617_200722.jpg🤔
Broke out the compound and da polisher today. Low speed, wool bonnet and okay results, needs a lot more work for any sort of shine but it's all one color again.20240619_173503.jpg20240619_174823.jpg20240619_195149.jpg20240619_200217.jpg20240619_202008.jpg20240619_201956.jpg20240619_201926.jpg20240619_201938.jpg
So I'm a bit confused with the vacuum port on the manifold.

Did some searching and came up with two possible sizes 1/8 not or 1/4 npt. Neither fit, too small. I then tried some 1/2 and 3/8 just yo see if they'd fit and they're too big.

What am I missing here?

Pitch seems to be near to, if not 1.5 metric. And just under half inch wide. thinking an m8x1.5 nipple/barb - can't find one to save my life...

It's the 30036 carb manifold.

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Cleaning up the back deck a little, filling the speaker holes then a black cloth with some glue. Air can still get through the (very brittle) vents20240622_110327.jpg20240622_130447.jpg20240622_130608.jpg
That parts car from Cleburne gave up its trunk carpet so got a little bit better organised.

Also found another, grimier kjet setup which will need a good dose of cleaning before sale.20240622_170005.jpg20240622_170308.jpg20240622_170457.jpg20240622_170732.jpg
Modified the pickup tube on the sender to work with the mechanical pump. Will have to order a strainer for a carb car and refit, but tank is placed, the Cleburne tx parts car provides yet again ! 20240625_200108.jpg20240625_200111.jpg20240625_200942.jpg20240625_204220.jpg
The battery tray was letting things down a bit, thankfully no real corrosion underneath.

That old green m46 wagon gave up its okay condition one after a quick wire wheel, rust converter and some satin black, I'll repaint in body color to have things right, when the pain lt comes in.

Sometimes it's the simplest details that make a difference lol