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1990 240 Turbo

Nothing real thing to do at garage (cleaning it is not an option), so took some zipties and tried to make enginebay look tidy:cool:
Looks very nice!:cool:

Thank you :)

Yesterday we mapped ecu to cope with new stuff. My goal was more power for overtaking situations and I think it was a success. Only 0.55 boost now, and that is because M47 and N/A clutch. We did both chips EZK and LH, but spark chipbis currently stock. We took several pulls from 2000 to 6000rpm, sound and power are nice.

As tuner said to me, stage 1 is complete :) next at the list are m90, clutch, more boost and new mapping. But now I am enjoying what I have now:lol:
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Been thinking of extra lip/diffuser for front bumper. Atom did an excellent job with his Amazon and it gave me an extra kick for trying it.

Lain goal is not an aerodynamic thing, i think that Bross front needs some widening, and maybe intercooler get better flow of fresh air?

So, I took an old door, and put it under car. Looks amazing, doesn't kg?:lol:


After few tricks with power tools it did look less like an old door


Found some pieces of carbon look tape and threw it on to see how it would look like.


Not sure how much it should poke out. I may like it more being only smallish lip :e-shrug:
Looks nice!

If it goes well, I dig it too!

Got bored listening that woooosh noise that my current aircleaner does, so took that 940 b230fk airbox and modified it. I think that finding pipes and hoses will be a struggle :omg:

Some maskingtape to make new lines

And grillfoil to make it hold shape when applying fiberglass. One coat at centre, two at sides of airbox. I will apply more after it settles and I rip taping off, lets hope it Works

Added another muffler to kill excessive noise from exhaust. It was a good little addition for this. Exhaust is not finished yet, i have to add a 3" cat to pipe, it will kill some noise aswell. I took a picture while making, but i have deleted it :oops:

I have a 1998/1999 V70 2.4t as a daily, it is imported from Sweden and got wrecked on some period of time. Paint is not in good condition, so it is great opportunity to practice.



Hood is horrible, u can see some rough p180 or something sand paperissa Marks under paint and clearcoat. 380 000+ KMS and everything works.
Some washing and hard wax from Collinite for 240:oogle:



Added this metal plate that is removed from original IC to top of radiator. I need to put few rivets to fill original holes.


Next winter i need to change/modify fuel system. Now it has Bosch 044 copy main pump from Biltema and original intank delivery pump. Main pump is screaming like hell as it warms up, or fueltank has under 1/4 of fuel left. Gonna remove trans pump and put intank pressure pump only. Filter to original place.
Did put a heatshield for airfilter for now. Small thing, but got some "swooooosh" sound out from cabin, if I want to hear it, just open window and there it is.

General pic of engine number 400 and something I think:lol:
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Summer is gone and it's time to put car back to garage. Chinese -012 amm blew up after 3000km on it, and made engine run at afr 9.5-12.3. It idles with three cylinders when cold and black is the main color of exhaust gas. I did put -025 amm and it runs smoother for sure, but map is done for chinese 012... Next season starts with tuning, maybe bit more boost and ezk chip for sure. Main fuelpump is screamng like a pig, i am going to rip it off, and been thinking of single pump system. For looks, I started making skirt under back bumper. Spoiler is on my mind but let's see if it happens this winter.

Crappy pic of crappy car but skirt is coming along. OEM plastic cut to center and bross kit pieces at the sides.

New daily showed up at summer. 2003 d5244t2 manual, chipped to 195hp/400nm :oogle: gotta love that diesel torque!

Found some rust issues under car. I think i have fixed those by now, rust repairs with sorta running and driving car sucks:lol: I may have to use a year once and make whole car clean.

I did fresh up my memory with glass fiber things, (still not sure what I am doing, only Kimi number 7 does) and started working on with new low trimpiece for front spoiler. I made earlier during summer test piece out of wood. I added some tin foil tape over it and applied some release agent. Then I applied some resin and big piece of fiber mat over it. I hope that it comes off easily, then i can add some material under it.



Fumes made me think spoiler over trunk. I haven't found any desent prize flat style trunk lids, so Group A spoiler has to wait now. Some ducktail style spoilers do look good to me, but i don't like to do nothing too grazy. I got a silly idea of mixing group a shape and mount it like ducktail spoiler. I started with masking tape and cardboard. After that I added more tape to soften up edges and add some stifness.

Then i applied tinfoil tape, to see how it looks.


This is base for spoiler, and surface that is dealing with air needs to be at smaller angle. Next i will add fiber glass to get that shape from trunk. After that I may apply urethane. So lots of shapening to do. Lets see how this ends:rofl:
Mail guy delivered two packages of brakeparts, gonna go with original rear brake setup with new rotors and pads etc; but front will be upgraded with W212 E-series Mercedes ventilated 300mm rear rotors and 240 stock calibers. So no big R brake setup for this one.


Comparsion new front under, 240 rear stock rotor over

15" wheels do need spacer with new front setup, I use 17" so no broblem here.

Happy new year everybody!:cheers::cheers:
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So, I threw new brake parts in, only brake fluid is still in bottle. Bolts are 8.8 stiffness for now, I will change them before test drive same time with the fluid.


When I got the brakes sorted, I changed the fuel pump. Bosch -044 copy and intank prepump are disassembled and Walbro 450 "e85" is in. I hae to cut about an inch of the pressure pipe and plastic mounting part is widened inside that bigger pump fits in. Car starts, idles and revs fine, next we add some boost and remap ecu.


Frontlip v1 is ready, and spoiler idea is totaled:) rear end is coming along, some serious sanding and painting is needed, soon I can paint things out side. Drove the car outside to wash it little, and see how front end is looking.

This is how rear piece is evolving. Cut down Bross kit side pieces, Volvo OEM rear skirt. Some cutting, drilling, rivets, and filler.
Yesterday I tried to get car outside and wash it properly. First, battery was dead, 8.5volts from terminals, second issue was with giant fuel leak under car. Left car to garage and went to play drums:). So, leak is fixed and second battery is in, and it was time to test drive. All went fine, except I forgot my phone next to windshield wiper:rofl: At speed of 80km/h phone flew off but it survived amazingly well! Tomorrow we are going to remap ecu. Lets see how many gears I do have after that...


Dear diary, today we remapped the ecu, and car has 5 gears still. No slipping clutch or any issues. Good day.

Edit: few new pics




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M90 swap started last thursday when I took car back to use and drove it a bit. M47 worked great, but before I lose it's 3rd gear teeth it had to go.

Pic from second to last drive with m47

Friday I drove car to friends garage that has a lift and started the work. Cable clutch is removed, new master and slave culinders, modified pedal took their place.

New master with independent reservoir in place.

I changed new rear main seal because old was sweating a bit and put flywheel back. Diesel m90 spec mass disc and SRE -763


I dont have a shifter rack, or any oem parts for m90, so I made my own from steel and m47 parts. I didn't take any pictures, but parts are flat black and have lots of ugly welds :lol: Left brakcet was missing from tranny so I made one out of steel. I bolted it on side of the tranny rear support thingy.

One pic from making it.

After all modifications needed including propshaft support bearing flange tranny was installed.

I need new exhaust, current on is pretty ugly:oops:

Next on the list is finding snap ring for slave cylinder, fill up tranny with flushing oil and maybe a little test drive. If everything works, maybe in easter i have 1.x bar of boost and big smile on my face
First 100km/60miles driven with new tranny, and I must say that I love it! Few random pics

3d printed shift pattern in M4x-series knob

Car pulls well from cruising speeds, but I am looking for new gear ratio to rear. Current revs now @100km/h

Random after succesful test drive at frinds garage pic after succesful test drive