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1990 240 Turbo

Gave a good wash and waxed whole car. Next I took it for a drive and took some photos:lol:






I'm more of a 740 guy but there's something about a white 240. Especially this one. :cool:
This project is a slowly moving one, but progress is coming in future with new engine. I am going to rebuild it with H-conrods etc. Redblock of course, b230fk squirter block. I am still making decisions with turbo that it will have, maybe s200 borq warner, that need a rebuilt kit, or something with ball bearing.

Took some rolling shots with friends.



Few weeks till this goes to garage. plan is to make new exhaust, not sure tho will it be RST or regular exhaust pipe, size will be 3''.





Great build , amazing looking 244 really looks so good! Do you have more info on the Bross Body kit stuff? Thanks looking forward to more!
First class.
Thanks :cool:

Great build , amazing looking 244 really looks so good! Do you have more info on the Bross Body kit stuff? Thanks looking forward to more!

Thank you! Bross kits were originally made from sort of plastic, but these copies that are sold nowdays are made of fiberglass. Mine has fiberglass copy parts in front that are made in Finland, skirts are genuine plastic pieces and rear part is made of broken Bross and original Volvo 240's rear valance. Front parts reguire two or few holes drilled on front fenders, but rest is bolt on.
Car sat few weeks outside because I had a friend's Saab 9-3 at turborebuild and we had few icy mornings here in central Finland. I drove two weeks my 850 winter car. My neighbour used it as a second car at summer time, and annouced late summer that he needs car for winter time too, I asked him to buy 850 and he liked the idea.

I started looking for new winterbeater and after long search I saw old coworker who told that he had put his trusty 1991 B230FB/M47 940 to "storage". He had driven it to grassfield an year ago. I went to see it, and car didn't like to start. It had old and minimal amount of fuel, and ignition cables looked bad. We put some gas to tank, and changed cables and it fired up right away. No leaks, additional smoke, as excpected. Next day I drove the car with three set of tires and low price. Knock sensor lost it's signal so car was really slow and under powered. Speedo started dying and left front brake caliber was jamming.

Very next day and same evening I started working with the car and started to get it back on road. After quick brake service and changing some bulbs, speedo repair, and few new exhaust parts, and MOT check, it is ready to go! Will it be stock? No! Plan is to make it +T and give some love and update to it's look.

Drove the 240 to garage, it was hard to get it started, injector relay was dead. Let's see what I can do during winter. New exhaust and alternator relocation are my top two on the list.

Sorry for no pics. All image uploaders didn't like to work, but i will post some photos later.
Started the exhaust rebuild at new year. Progress was slow because I had million things to do. One of the reasons was that 940 started to act weird during winter, so I changed all of the ignition parts and told it to act nicer. It is still under powered, I think that fuel pump or two is bad. I bought a "Simons turbo 3" muffler to 240's only silencer, and did the pipe clamping with v-clamps. I love the easyness of those clamps! If the sound of the exhaust starts to piss me off, I may buy a resonator. I welded an exhaust tip to 90 degree bend. Tip is for 2,5 inch pipes so pipe had to go over.

Few pics during doing exhaust things





Next on the list was alternator and PS pump relocation because I wanted the oilfilter to be at easyer place. I have had some lil leaks in the past, and too many oil sources at one place don't help if you are searcing the leak source. First i drained oil out, and removed all the things that are on the way. Next I put a new timing belt and put everything back that I need to find out how to modify things.

New oilfilter place will be nice. OEM oilfilter leg and sandwich plate.


I cut a 10*100 mild steel adaptor plate and started to drill some holes for Volvo OEM brackets.


PS pump moved to lower location and alternator over it.



Alternator uses one long belt with waterpump and PS uses one short belt.

All black and back



Same time I had to relocate washer fluid bottle, because I had it on "turbo location". I moved it close to N/A car place but bit higher that air filter has some room.

After 5 months roads were close to be at test drive conditions so I took it for a spin, weather had its issues but car felt quite good :cool:




Front bumper trimming are waiting for motivation to paint them again, and exhaust tip needs more clearance to be more straight but it seems that I can drive it more soon:)
wow that is a great idea for the accessory bracket. Alternator under the exhaust manifold on the early redblock really wasn't the best design

Maybe I can copy with a slab of aluminum?
Great read, great build ! Thanks for keepin them clean!

Thank you, doing my best!

Very clean looking car.
I like it very much!

Kuten t??ll? sanotaan: n?tti ku sika pienen?! :-P

Nice to hear/Mukava kuulla:)

wow that is a great idea for the accessory bracket. Alternator under the exhaust manifold on the early redblock really wasn't the best design

Maybe I can copy with a slab of aluminum?

Please do! If we think the idea that engine is tilted to right, it has heavy alternator, maybe big turbo and torque to right, I assume that little weight balancing to left would help the right motor mount :e-shrug:

I have had this idea for a while, Viking Fabrications @ Facebook did his own version using aluminum. He fabricated whole thing from scratch, I thought that it would be easyer to use OE brackets what comes to lining.
Few things happened since last post.

Added adjustable torque rods at rear, took 15mm from original lenght. Seems a good amount with this lowering and 9.5" wheel.



Changed the brakefluid, old fluid was dark and 6 years old low price stuff.

Next I changed carpet to trunk, old was in terrible shape. New is balcony mat, so it should last long. I am going to cut pieces to cover wheelwells and walls from trunk.


Car had some oil leaking so I changed new hoses, and o-ring to sandwich plate. Seems that I didnt took any good pics. Tadk was anoying... :lol:

Newest "project" was moving the stereo unit. Since I added gauges radio had to go down, but it was difficult to use. I had one center console that was in baad shape allready, so why not to try move radio to center?

Cutted the switch places and ashtray off so I could put switces to ashtrays location. Stereo unit needed some room behind it so I cutted two cuts to dashboard and bent it a bit. Too shame that I left my phone inside the house and didn't took any pictures. Install needed so much work from fingers so I am not going to remove it for pics anytime soon, sorry for those who are intrested.

Here is final result for now.



Sorry for blurry images. My phone have seen its best days:)
Unit pokes a bit because it is a standard CD player. I could change it to BT version, but i like to listen CDs sometimes son its not an option for now.

Dramatic foggy pic for the end

Soon after shortening the torgue rods I notised some annoying noises, so I changed new rubber bushings.

Big brake disks started shaking, so I put OE stuff back. After that I had some issues with rims and calibers. Trimmed some metal from calibers so they have at least one mm of clerance and next I'll add 5mm thick spacers so small rocks etc. will not make any harm. Some day I will do a proper big brake upgrade...




Innovate afr gauge started to show E8-code again, sensor was like 3k km's on it, so I didn't believe that it could be the broblem. I ordered and installed Aem Uego, old sensor seems to work like it should :cool:

Some pics from spring to current date.





So pretty! Nice work. That radio spot is unique. You can actually reach it without giving up gauge space?! That's not very 240. :lol: Nice job