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1990 240 Turbo

Next winter I will be doing lots of interior stuff and maybe fuel lines if I have enough garage time. Car itself works great, There maybe some power upgrades in future, for now this is "enough"

Added a LED bar to DD and took some photos:)


I started doing interior swap at October. First I removed old seats and put them into winter 940, its old front seats had seen the best days.
Mk1/850 seats needed two new holes per seat to make them fit to 940 rails. Heaters are not hooked yet.

I bought a set of 2004 S60 seats at summer, and set of 240 tan interior pieces from Finnish Volvo community member. Donor car was a SE version with electric windows and mirrors, so I got them to my car also. While interior was out, I clened up some electical mess that I had under dash etc. I started to put tan pieces in. That wiring stuff took a while and I lost my interest to do any car related stuff.


After two to three months of playing drums and moving stupid amount of snow I realized that I got to do something or car ain't driveable at spring. I painted dash lower section and assembled S60 seats to 240 rails

Seatframe is luckily quite same as p80 related cars. I made few adjustments to buschings and seats are now at better positions. Drivers seat is now dead center of the steering wheel.

Next job, and that what I am currently doing was rear seat. The place where you put your butt had to be shorten by 70mm or ~3inches and it was a bit too wide around wheel wells. Back rest fits when S60 mounting brackets are cut out. It's a tight fit but it is unnecessary to cut it.


Next job is to make proper attachments and upholster wheel wells.
Some update for interior, now it is close to done. Wheelwell covers are cut and right side is covered with s60 leather. Left side skin is missing, I put it on when I find it.


Yesterday I visited at MOT and car had zero issues. Reverse lights illuminates only when gear is at reverse fully. MOT guy mentioned that, but he didn't say is it OK or not.:lol:
Had some issues last spring with cluster lights. Potention meter/dimmer had burnt broke, so I opened it, removed the bad part and now it works! Rear seat is now "ready" too.



While "everyone" wants single rounds or E-codes, I want guad's with right blinkers and wrong hood, Bross kit is a big plus 😬

At first "proper" test fit, I like what I am seeing. All parts are someway broken, or in bad shape, so my inner "don't do it" sound is a little more quiet.

Ultimate goal os to get some nicer lights, maybe LED or xenon units. Car is driven at summer time only, so its only for looks. One option is to paint little area to black, so it darkens the look a bit.

Looking great! Happy to hear that the m47 gearbox and stock clutch can handle a lightly modified b230 engine . I am going to be switching the engine out in my 240 soon. Will get to the m90 further down the line when have the money .