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1992 240: No sound out of rear speakers.


2-digit whp
May 25, 2020
North Texas
I've finally finished making a mount for my equalizer which I'm using in place of a head unit. I'll post more info about it in my build thread when I have time. But I'm having this issue now where I'm not getting sound out of the rear speakers. I had the equalizer hooked up some time ago and tested everything and I had sound out of all four speakers. What I've done is I've made a cable which connects to the amplifier's din connector and it has 4 rca, a ground, and the amplifier's remote trigger. I've verified continuity and verified the pinout of the din connector. I've also verified that the speakers have continuity at the amplifier's connector and the resistance is dead on at 3 ohms. I've verified that the equalizer is outputting all 4 channels correctly. If I plug one rca at a time into the same output on the equalizer, I get good sound out of the front right speaker, no sound on the front left (I don't have a speaker connected), and no sound out either rear speaker. When I have just the rear speakers connected to the amplifier, I can hear the sound very quietly on the front right speaker. Does it make sense that both rear outputs on the amplifier would die like that? Does anyone have one of these behind the lower cubby amplifiers laying around that I can buy to help test?
After the spare amplifier I bought let out its magic smoke, I tested the wiring more and found that one end of each rear speaker wire is shorting to ground and it seems to be happening in the door. The rear speakers were interfering with the bottom lip of the door's inner panel at the bottom, so I took extra precaution to prevent shorting. I guess it didn't work. Gonna remove the door panels and fix this. Hopefully I didn't damage the original amplifier when I was initially testing (I probably did).
I separated the bottom of the rear door panels and found that the speaker wires were indeed shorting to ground through the door. With the speakers pulled away from the door, I plugged in my original amplifier which was still installed in the car, I installed the equalizer, and I tested everything. The sound is great. Loud and clear audio coming from the rear speakers now. It seems that I haven't damaged the original amp :^)