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1994 volvo 940 megasquirt?


New member
Jan 5, 2020
East Coast
Any comprehensive guides out there on using a megasquirt in a 94' 940? I just picked up the car, not entirely sure which ignition system it has on it yet but im willing to do a conversion. Would love some advice.
Only if it is a 945 and has a manual trans, otherwise crush it.

A Megasquirt has an ignition system built in, it just needs coil(s).

Why are you wanting to Squirt it?
This is usually only done if boost is added to a non-turbo car or alternative fuels are used or if the horsepower is increased well over stock.
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If the 940 is a turbo model then it has LH 2.4 and EZK. If it is n/a then you will need to determine if it is a Federal spec car or Cali spec (LH 2.4/EZK or Rex/Regina).

Why are you wanting to MS the car? how much experiance do you have when it comes to cars? MS is not hard to wire into a car but it is also not for a beginner but not to say it isn't a good time to learn.

If you want to wire up a MS the key would be getting the wiring diagram and then determine if you want to keep the stock wiring harness and just make a PNP setup near the stock ECU or if you want to build a new stand alone harness.